Friday, March 28, 2014

Passion For Fashion #46 : Ready For Rain :


As soon as my spending ban is over (April 15th!!), I'm totally going to need a new pair of rain boots! I just love, love, love that it's "cool" to wear rain boots again. Remember how embarrassed you might have been in high school to wear these? I mean, it was bad enough our parents forced us to wear appropriate boots in the winter... around here, rain boots or "rubber boots" were for farmers only. Only!!  So, needless to say, now that I'm older, wiser & more into fashion... I'm happy this trend is back. Fashionable and functional!

Of course, I think the big names like Hunter & Joules are the ones that most fashion-forward bloggers are talking about... but you can find really cute ones just about anywhere... and for really reasonable prices too! You know I love a deal!  I rounded up a few that I have my eye on... but who knows which pair(s) I'll end up with!


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  1. I LOVE the rainboot trend! Due to living on a farm (in the wettest part of Canada it seems sometimes), I wear gum boots about 8 months of the year. And now I'm stylish! It's awesome.

  2. I Have a pair rain boots and love em. Debating on taking them with me this weekend since it's suppose to be raining but I really hope it goes else where b/c vacay and rain don't mix.


  3. Rain boots are so much fun! It won't be long now and you'll get to splurge! ~Ann
    Tarnished Royalty

  4. I think all of us breathe a sigh of relief when fashion and function converge!! P x

  5. Love these! Right now it's pouring down outside and I'm wishing I had a pair of these =)

  6. I've actually never had a pair of rain boots--I just wear my snowboots into the spring! :P

  7. March & April are definitely the most rainy months where I live. I could use another pair of Wellies. Would love either the Red or Yellow pair from Hunters. Great boots here.

    Thank you for hosting Lena and enjoy the weekend. Ada. =)

  8. Those boots are rockin'! I love them, especially the polka dot ones!

  9. Oh Lena! I love #3 and #4. #3 for the low top cutie style and #4 for the color and polka dots. Have a great weekend with your little fam ♥.

  10. I randomly inherited a pair of colorful polka dot rainboots from my best friend a couple years back. I was at her house for a gathering & mentioned that I liked them and asked where they came from so I could go get my own pair & she said I could just have hers. Now don't ask me how much time in the rain they've seen cause I'd probably have to tell you they've seen more use in the snow with my mom using them as snow boots to shovel the walk & take the trash out back than I've had the chance to wear them in actual rain. As far as the boots you picked and posted my favorites are #1 & #4 although seeing as how little use my 2nd hand pair has gotten I could never see myself spending as much as #1 costs just cause I think they're cute.

  11. Thanks for hosting! Boots #5 are my favorite :) I followed on Bloglovin'!


  12. Rain boots are so cute now. I adore them with skirts. Rain or shine.

  13. Such cute boots! I am a sucker for the classic Hunters - it must hark back to former lives being landed English gentry (or pig farmers), but they're all cute. Yay puddles. Thanks so much for hosting!!

  14. wow...amazing boots...especially the dark blue!

    thank you for the party!

  15. New linker! Thanks for hosting! I love seeing everyone's style!

    Robin @

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