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Inspiration for Last Minute Christmas Cards for Couples with a Tripod – TMinspired Photography

As much as I love blogging, with everything going on in or lives right now (see THIS post), I just do not have the time to invest in Lena B as much as I want to.  I enjoy this space so much, and I have so much respect for my readers & friends that it wouldn't feel right to completely ignore the blog right now... I will be posting as much as I can, but when I can't I have some awesome bloggers lined up to bring you some fabulous posts!  Please be nice to this rockin' ladies.  I apprecite them so much!

Today, Taylor is here to talk about photography... not just photography, but great tips for posing & putting together fantastic Christmas Card pics for couples!!  She's fabulous!  Thanks, Taylor!

Are you a couple in need of some last minute Christmas Cards?
Maybe you’re looking for a photographer but all of the ones in your area are filling up their sessions too quickly, or they’re already booked for the season. Maybe hiring a photographer to take a photo for your Christmas card is just not in your price range right now. But that’s okay – because there are other ways to get great photos to send out to your family and friends this holiday season!

As a photographer myself, I’m always brainstorming ideas of how I can use a tripod to take photos of my boyfriend and myself. It’s always a fun challenge to make our photos look like it WASN’T a self-timer, tripod photo. It comes in handy for when we travel, or if I have a last minute idea that I’d like to photograph. For these self-timer photos, I don’t plan to take a lot at one time, or even in the same day. I’ll focus on the specific poses, angles, and locations that I want to photograph us in, then set it up, take the photos, and call it a day. It gives us extra time to perfect the angles we’re looking for, without overwhelming us with a ton of different ideas. :)

Inspiration for Last Minute Christmas Cards for Couples with a Tripod TMinspired Photography

SO. Today, I wanted to put together a list for you and your loved one to have a joyful season where you can capture your own love, in your own timing.

I'm a BIG fan of candid photos – the ones where it seems like the couple/family doesn’t even know a photographer is there. The love and emotion you are able to capture seems a lot more organic and genuine. That’s the basis behind most of these photos, and that’s what makes tripod photos look less robotic. So don’t think you need to always smile directly at the camera – your photos can look just as cute (and sometimes cuter) if you just focus on your significant other. If you don’t have a tripod for these photos, you can always prop your camera on top of a stack of books, a shelf, some bushes, or on the ground! You name it - there’s always a way to make it work. :)

5 Quick Tips to Think About Before Getting Started:
  1. Play around with different angles, and remember the rule of thirds.
  2. Play with lighting and/or the manual settings on your camera to get your photos composed the way you desire.
  3. For indoor shooting: Windows bring beautiful natural light.
  4. For indoor shooting at night: Bounce your flash so it won’t be too harsh on your faces!
  5. For outdoor shooting: Head out near sunset – try out some silhouettes!

Ideas to Help You Capture Your Joyful & Genuine Holiday Card:

Snuggle Up

My personal favorites are the photos where you can rest on one another. Ladies, rest your head on your guys shoulder or on his chest. Close your eyes (with a slight smile!). Breathe each other in.
  • Sit on your favorite loveseat, couch, or your bed (using the headboard as your background). While sitting/lounging, snuggle beneath a large fuzzy blanket. Make each other giggle. Let your foreheads touch. Ladies, close your eyes and let your guy look at you and adore you.
Inspiration for Last Minute Christmas Cards for Couples with a Tripod TMinspired Photography-1

Christmas Trees

At the Christmas Tree farm, or at your local Home Depot!
  • While looking for your tree, have one of the workers take a few of you next to the tree you picked. Have your arms around each other. Have them take two – one of you two smiling at the camera, another smiling at one another.
  • Wrap yourselves in Christmas lights and turn them on. Give each other a kiss in front of the tree or underneath some mistletoe.
  • Take some photos of you decorating the tree together. Stringing Christmas lights, hanging ornaments.
  • Take a field trip (if needed) to the closest place where it might be snowing. Find a small tree and decorate it together. Bring mittens, hats, and scarves. Make a snowman!
Inspiration for Last Minute Christmas Cards for Couples with a Tripod TMinspired Photography-2

Regular Day

Casual ways to capture your love.
  • Stand in front of your kitchen counter, and try to angle yourself so you’ll have a minimal, clean background. If you have a window facing you, it will look even better. Have a mug of coffee, tea, or hot chocolate (whichever you prefer) in your favorite mugs. (Maybe you have personalized ones!) Have your arms leaning on the counter with both hands wrapped around the mug. Look at each other, make each other laugh, have some fun.
  • You may have some ugly Christmas sweaters lying around. (Or you may be willing to make your own!) Allow yourselves to be goofy and take a fun, crazy photo for your card!
  • As I said, I’m a big fan of candid photos full of laughter and joy. Look at the person you love, and think of what about them brings you the most joy. Get creative - capture it. :)
Do you have kids? Maybe your dog is your child? (Like mine!) Most of these ideas can also involve your children! (Whether they’re animals or not!)

Allow yourself to be creative this holiday season. Don’t be afraid to try new ideas, and don’t be afraid if you think you look silly. The ending result is usually more wonderful than what you could even imagine it to be.

I hope you have a very Merry Christmas!

Taylor is a Lifestyle and Wedding Photographer based in Orange County, CA. She has dreams of traveling far to capture heart-felt love all across the world. Taylor is also a Virtual Assistant, running Social Media for business owners. She is passionate about her work, driven by her relationship with God, and always excited for drawing out the genuine, sweet love of her clients. Her boyfriend, dog, and Starbucks are just a few of her favorite things. You can see more of Taylor's work and find more tips on her website:, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. She would love to connect with you!
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  1. I absolutely adore the fun picture of them laughing together! If I had a couple those would DEFINITELY be the kind of photos I want. They just have so much life in them! All the shots were great ones though!

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