Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Tattoo Tuesday : micro wedding bands :

Lena B, Actually

It's time for Tattoo Tuesday!
I'm actually getting a NEW tattoo tomorrow and I'm so excited!  It's totally not in my budget, but it's something I've been wanting for a loooooong time and I'm just going to do it!
Stay tuned next week for the big reveal!
(and don't forget to check out this post to see how you can help me raise money for cancer!)

Today I'm thrilled to have Tricia here.  She's sharing a special tattoo her & her husband got on a fun date night out a couple years ago!!

Hi, it's Tricia from Mama Marchand's Nest

I'm thrilled to be sharing Lena's space today!

The hubs and I share a love for tattoos which is surprising to a lot of people. I guess we appear super conservative on the outside but if we had our way, and the budget to match, we'd have a lot more tattoos than we do!

Tattoos have been something special we have shared for almost a decade. We got our first tattoos together about a year after we got married - he got a cross made out of nails on his upper arm and I got the Greek word for eternal on my lower back. Since then, I've had some work done on mine, adding a vine and leaf design around it. 

The ones I'm sharing with you today for Lena's Tattoo Tuesday post is our matching set of wedding ring micro tattoos. These were done on a whim, back in 2011, while we were on vacation in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. We had already planned a date night sans baby (thanks to our family vacationing with us) and the hubs suggested these. I couldn't say yes fast enough!

The tattoo artist who did these had never tattooed something so small before so we were a first for his portfolio. We wanted them to be small enough to fit under our wedding rings because they were something special, just for us. We love how they turned out!

Thanks to Lena for having me here today!

I'd love for you to stop by and say hello:

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  1. Very cute! My husband lost his wedding ring years ago. He recently told me that he was thinking of having a 'wedding ring' tattoo done.

    I would love to see your other tattoo

  2. This actually does surprise me about you. I am against tattoos-on myself.=) Not because of normal reasons. I mean, I totally could not see myself choosing to get stuck by needles on a date for fun. No way. I hate needles and pokes.=)
    Anyway, very cool idea. I love that the names are small and a secret between the two of you.

  3. I had no idea Tricia was such a badass!! Great post!!

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. Kuddos to you for getting someone elses name tattooed on you. Very brave. I myself do have a name tatted on my but it is my sons. I have 4 but want more. I am just waiting because I want to be able to get in my pool all summer.

  6. Wow - I had no idea! I love it!

  7. Love this! Thanks for introducing me to this blog Tricia!

    Tattoo Tuesday is such an awesome idea!!

  8. Love the post.
    Tattoo lover myself -- but I am uber superstitious. I don't see myself getting my husband's named tattooed, or even too matchy of tattoos.


  9. OMG! I love these so much. My husband and I have thought about these for awhile but never seem to have the money/time/will to do it. I'm definitely showing this post to him tonight!

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