Friday, June 21, 2013

Passion For Fashion #8 : green & yellow :

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I really love bright colors and the green & yellow combo has really been growing on me.  It's so fresh & alive.  Very simple & sophisticated colors that look good on everyone!
Pinterest is full of this lemon & lime inspiration... have you tried it yet?

 Fashion is for everyone
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Lena B, Actually
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Of course, it would be awesome if you would visit the other fashionistas that are linking up too!  Be you... Be an inspiration!  Style is everywhere!

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  1. That dress fits your PERFECTLY!!! I am so not one to dress in super bright colors, especially to have TWO bright colors together, but I so need to try these two colors! So fun!

    Kristine -The Foley Fam {unedited}

  2. I know it's the farmer's granddaughter in me, but when I see green and yellow together, I think John Deere! Not to say that's a bad thing, many's the time I've purposely worn green and yellow to a tractor show to let it be known where my loyalties lie. Not with those Farmalls or Internationals, that's for sure. (Imagine fans of differing sports teams, only these are fans of different brands of farm machinery. Hilarious)

  3. I love this citrusy look on you! It's so fresh and summery!

  4. Girl, I just LOVE your style! I defintely stalk your instagram for ideas! :-P

  5. For me it'd have to be a pale yellow with a darker green or olive. Bright lemon and lime aren't colors I have a whole lot of in my closet. I think you pull it off really well, but that much bright just isn't my style.

  6. I love GREEN! Looking good Mama

  7. I love seeing yellow and green on others, but being an Aussie I always feel a bit like I am going to the cricket or the rugby if I wear it. It's too sports mad for me! Yellow on its own or with any other colour? The best!! Thanks so much for hosting again guys!!

  8. Girl! This looks amazing on you! Too bad I can't wear yellow. I look HORRIBLE!

  9. I promise I'm not crazy... The storm keeps making my iPad all janky so my comments aren't saving. Or you're gonna have multiple comments. Basically I love the yellow and green combo. So fresh!!!!

  10. yessss. representing my high school alma mater. go fighting irish!!

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