Friday, October 12, 2012

Candy Bar Mummies DIY by AbsoluteMommy

Hey fans of Lena B, Actually, I'm Megan from Absolute Mommy
I'm sure you have seen me around, since I love to hang out on Lena's blog. 
Today I'm bringing you another super simple craft.  If you've had the chance to read some of my tutorials here, you will know I like cheap and easy crafts. 
Here is a great one for Halloween. 
It's easy enough to enlist the kid's help, and super easy on your wallet!
PS:  This wasn't entirely my idea. 
You can see the pin here or
the original tutorial from The Idea Room, here.

Let's get our craft on!

Hersey Bars, regular size, fun size, or jumbo
(whatever you like, and in whatever flavors you like)
Google Eyes (I bought the self sticking ones)
White Crepe Paper
Not Pictured:
Double Stick Tape Scissors
1 - Attach your google eyes
2 - Put a strip of double stick tape the length of the candy bar on the back of the bar.
3- Attach your crepe paper to the tape on the back side of the bar and start wrapping.
4 - Continue wrapping the entire candy bar, don't worry about covering the eyes.
NOTE: I cut the crepe paper in half width wise for the fun size bars.
Now tear away at the google eyes so they peek through.
Super cute, right?
Now you can host a whole family of mummies for Halloween.
I thought that the fun size bars were perfect for little kids,
like toddlers and kindergartners.
That way if I take these to my daughters kindergarten class,
the parents won't murder me for the chocolate overload!

Also if you are feeling really crafty, you can make lollipop ghosts with your kiddos.
This is a mini ghost using Dumdums.
The perfect little chaser for your candy bar mummy!
 Thanks Lena for letting me hang out!
Happy Halloween and get yo' craft on!!

Thanks, Megan!!
I just love all the crafty things you bring to the blog... we all know I suck at DIY, so I'm happy to have friends who really know how to rock 'em!!

Megan will be hangin' out on my sidebar in a couple of weeks... can't wait to have her back! She's one of the best! Please visit AbsoluteMommy and say hi! You'll be happy you did!!

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  1. Those are precious...don't know if they'd last long here, they'd be eaten in no time ;) Haha. But, they are so cool :) Have a great weekend xx

  2. Great idea, I think even I'll be able to make those :)

  3. These are awesome! what a great idea! Can't wait to make them for the kiddies :)

  4. these are amazingly adorable!!

  5. Those are too cute! And seem really simple!! That's my kind of craft!

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