Thursday, January 14, 2016

Three Things Thursday : My Kid Punched My Laptop

Although I didn't actually make any real ''goals'' for 2016, in the back of my mind I did *want* to get back to blogging more. And although I started off the year pretty good (3 posts since December 31st), I kind of slacked this week. And that is because a) nothing overly interesting has happened since last week and b) I lacked time and inspiration...

But then I noticed 3 of my favorite bloggers EVER started a new weekly linkup!

So even though a) nothing overly exciting has happened and b) I lack serious inspiration, I thought it would be fun to jot down a few thoughts.

1) Everything happens for a reason. I do photography on the side... and when I book a wedding I require a small deposit to hold the day (like $150)... out of the blue, I booked a July wedding this week. I was so excited to have an extra $150 this week. I've had to be strict with our budget since my husband hasn't worked in almost a year... and every penny is accounted for. I was debating about whether putting it towards my Christmas debt or maybe splurging on a little somethig for myself (new workout clothes or a haircut)... BUT, unluckily for me, that decision was made for me when I had to spend nearly $200 to get my laptop fixed. What happened to my laptop you ask? See #2...

2) Memphis uses my laptop all the time. Memphis has impulse issues (common in kids with ADHD)... and his impulsivity and aggression has been getting increasingly worse... again. His moods change rapidly, without warning, and we're dealing with more & more meltdowns. Anyways, all this to say that he was being quiet, playing a game on the laptop when he became frustrated and lashed out by throwing the mouse at the laptop screen. The screen was obviously broken. I hooked up the laptop to a extra monitor we have to make sure it worked. Thankfully, everything else was okay.
I brought the laptop into our local repair shop and had it back within a couple of hours... good as new.

3) My final thought to sum all of this up is proof that everything happens for a reason. I had the "spare" money to fix my laptop and Memphis, I hope, learned a valuable lesson about actions having consequences. He has been extremely apologetic since the "incident" and has been remarkably calm and accommodating since then as well. It's true that sometimes bad things have to happen to make people realize what they have (he would literally DIE if he couldn't use the laptop) and I have to trust that this all went down this week to help teach Memphis about working on controlling his anger.

So, that was MY week.. how was yours?

Be sure to check out Megan, Kristine & Nay for Three Things Thursday!

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  1. Hey girl hey! Can you imagine if you hadn't had that extra money?! So thankful that it all got resolved and that Memphis got it.
    Thanks for linking up with us!

  2. Happy everything worked out and positive some extra will still come your way

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