Monday, January 4, 2016

Love Like Sisters

My sister and I are 7 years apart. I remember actually wishing for another brother because I wasn't happy knowing I'd eventually have to share my room if my parents came home with a baby girl.  Which they did... And the moment I saw her, I was in love. 

Of course, there were times when I was a teen that she was little more than a pest, but we got through those awkward years and she is, without a doubt, the best friend I've ever had.

When I found out I was pregnant with Ruby, I had been hoping for another boy... but only because I thought it would be perfect for Memphis to have a baby brother... someone he would become best friends with like my sister & me. Of course, once the news settled in, I was thrilled to find out we were having a girl... and even more excited when a year and a half later, my sister gave birth to a daughter of her very own.

I just knew they'd be close. Considering the amount of time I spend with my sister, it would be inevitable that the girls would form a special bond too... But I had no idea just how close they would actually become.

They love like sisters and fight like sisters too.
(both are stubborn, proud and like to be right)
I don't think either of them could imagine life without the other.
Piper has a little sister of her own (and Felicity is definitely part of the gang and Ruby adores her), but I am so grateful that Ruby has Piper in her life.  As much as Ruby loves Memphis, a big brother just isn't the same.

I'm sure these 2 already share secrets, but I'm happy to know that as they get older, they will continue to confide in each other and look out for one another. Mess with one, you'll mess with the other I'm sure. I love seeing them grow up together and I look forward to seeing their relationship grow too!

Do you have someone close to you? Someone who isn't a sister, but might as well be?

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  1. Aw, they are so cute!! :)
    I was so happy to have gained 2 sisters when I married my husband. I only had a little brother growing up and it was sort of hard to relate my girl stuff with him LOL. My family is really small, so I didn't have cousins to confide in either. Which again, is why I was so happy to have gained 2 sisters!!

  2. awww, too cute! They'll definitely be BFF's for life and I can just imagine what kind of trouble they'll be getting into when they are older :D

  3. Aw! That is so cute! My cousin Shannon and I were close in age and grew up more like sisters! I knew I could always rely on her! You're right, a brother is great but just isn't the same as a girl! xo

  4. such a lovely post, well I have three sisters and we are all very close but I our first cousins were also like siblings growing up.

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