Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Christmas Day Recap


Wow... I can't believe Christmas was nearly 2 weeks ago already. It went by in a blur, for sure! (hey, that rhymes!)

We spent Christmas Eve with my husband's family and were home around 10:00. The kids were exhausted and ready for bed. It's the only night they look forward to going to bed... They reason the quicker they fall asleep, the sooner Santa comes!  So we out out some milk and cookies and put them to bed.

Tradition at our place is that Santa brings all the gifts... and none are under the tree until the kids are fast asleep. They're always so excited to see the gifts the next morning. I think Memphis was nervous he wasn't getting anything since he had received a call from Santa that he was on the naughty list... lol

So this year the kids were up just before 7:00. The hubs and I grabbed a coffee and watched them go through their stockings. They got lots of little treats like candy, hair accessories, comic books, socks & underwear, bath stuff, Pokemon cards and other goodies. I don't know how Santa manages to get all that stuff in their tiny stockings... Christmas magic, I suppose!

Both kids were really happy with what they got. Memphis got and Xbox 360 which he had been hoping for, along with some games, some Star Wars gear (hat & hoodie), a book, a new wallet and some Nerf stuff. Ruby was happy to get a new record player, a record, some dolls, Jenga, some crafty things... needless to say, they were spoiled. And very appreciative, which is always nice too!

After we opened gifts here, we puttered around & played with some of their new stuff then got ready to go to my sister's for lunch and gift exchange with my family.  Again, everyone was really spoiled!  Even me! I got some Katy Perry perfume, the Humans of New York Stories book, some leggings, earrings, a selfie stick and some Nivea face products.

The weather was amazing! The kids were able to play outside in nothing but a light jacket. No snow at all... such strange weather for Christmas, but at least it made travelling around that much easier.
After having BBQ for lunch, we headed down to the local hall to celebrate with my family on my mom's side. We're a gang of about 40+ people now (including all the kids & babies) so it just made sense to have it somewhere large enough for everyone to be comfortable.

The food was amazing, as usual. Props to my mom and aunt for preparing most of the meal! It was nice to see cousins & aunts & uncles I don't see all the time and everyone had a great time!

We got home around 8:00 that night and were all ready for bed with full bellies and great memories of the day we just had!

I've enjoyed reading everyone's holiday recaps... so nice to hear everyone had such a great Christmas this year!  Best wishes for a wonderful New Year!

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  1. Cute photos :)
    Maria V.

  2. BBQ Lunch with your sister on Christmas day!? THAT IS GENIUS!! So casual and easy!

    That Santa is a pretty great lad! Sounds like a wonderful Christmas!

    Happy New Year! xo

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