Monday, October 12, 2015


It's never a bad idea to sit down and remind yourself of all the things you are thankful for. As we near the end of our Thanksgiving long weekend, I thought I should do just that...

My family. My Husband for not giving up, my children for being healthy& confident, my parents & my sister for always being there for me no matter what.

My job. Even though I couldn't have stumbled into a less glamorous field (insurance), it's close to home, it pays the bills, it's rewarding and keeps me very busy.

My hobby. Photography is something I love and I still can't believe so many people have entrusted me to capture their special moments. My hobby is something I love to do and it has helped us keep our heads above water these past few months that my husband hasn't been able to work. 

Our health. A co-worker was recently diagnosed with the dreaded "C" word. And it's really, really scary.  It just brings home the fact that we are so lucky to have our health. Minor scrapes, bruises and tummy aches aside, our family has been blessed with good health. 

Netflix. The best $8 I spend every month. I love watching TV, but can rarely sit down in time to actually watch something when it's actually on. I haven't picked up on PVR yet, so Netflix allows me to watch ENTIRE series at my own pace!! Love it!

My home. Even though we only rent, it feels like home to us. And again, it's near work and school so I don't have to worry about time wasted in a lengthy commute. Also if anything does break down, we don't have to worry about replacing it! Throwback to Christmas Eve a few years ago when our water heater died... our landlords had it replaced and up & running in a couple of hours!

Cool Apps. Especially the ones like Ebates, Checkout 51 and PC Points that help us earn back money when we spend it! Cha-ching!

And obviously a million other things too, but I'm almost finished my coffee and I need to get ready for the day!

Happy Thanksgiving, friends!

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