Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Stranger Danger

 This video was all over my Facebook feed yesterday. I knew what the premise was before watching it, so I shouldn't have been surprised, but it broke my heart.
I teach my kids about 'stranger-danger' all the time. They're not 'babies' anymore so I assume they're listening and really understand the consequences. They know there are 'bad' people out there that might not look like bad people. They know someone might try to trick them into going with them.  They even know they shouldn't go with someone they know without asking our permission first.
But isn't it a fine line we walk as parents to make sure our kids are cautious, but not terrified of what can happen?
Of course they would never, ever talk to a stranger, right? Let alone walk away with one, but these moms thought the same thing and look how it easy it was for him to lure their children away with the promise of ''more puppies.''  Puppies!
 My husband and I sat down and watched the video with Memphis & Ruby.  Ruby looked totally guilty... I asked her if she would have gone to see the 'nice man with the puppies' and, because she's so honest it hurts, she said ''...yeah, probably.'' 
I think it's important to watch a video like this with your kids. Ruby ''knows'' the rules and ''knows'' what can happen if she were approached by a stranger, but I think watching this made her realize it even more. She recognized, in herself, that she would be an easy target and I think it scared her a little.
So we had another long talk with them about stranger danger last night. And it definitely won't be the last.
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  1. My husband teaches martial arts for a living. He has a special session that he teaches on Stranger-Danger. The most important thing he tells parents is this: The most common saying is "Don't talk to strangers." However, we also teach our children to be kind and respectful, so to ignore an adult seems rude. Instead, we need to be teaching our kids "Don't LISTEN to strangers." And as parents, we have a responsibility not to engage with children we don't know, because it only perpetuates the cycle. It's so sad that we have to think like that, but I'll do it all day long if it keeps my kids - or someone else's kid safe.

  2. Thanks for sharing this, will have to watch it with the kids. Dr Phil did an experiment once where he offered kids lollies, and guess what? Most of the kids if not all wanted to get in the car with him!

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