Thursday, February 19, 2015

How to Care For Your Swimwear

Hi guys! I ave a great guest post today all about taking care of your swimwear... I was hesitant to post it in the middle of February, but seeing as many of you live in a warmer climate OR will be going on vacation & escaping winter for a bit I thought why not!!


So you’re all ready to hit the beach when you pick up your favourite swimming costume, only to see it out of shape. Isn’t it depressing? Although it could be over-used, in reality it’s probably poorly taken care of. Needless to say, this doesn’t have to happen to you if you follow these great tips for swimwear care!

Wear the right swimwear material in hot tubs. Unfortunately, hot tubs are not great for your swimwear. So if you’re planning to have a long soak in the spa, it best to wear an old bikini. That said, if you can’t resist popping on your newest cossie, try using something made of 100% polyester or something chlorine-resistant. Beware that bromine-made swimwear could be damaged in one sitting.

Do not swim and then sunbath. Although probably a little unrealistic for the beach or pool lover, it’s best to sun bake before, not after a swim. Chlorine and salt water reacts badly when drying in the sunlight. Alternatively, you could change into a dry swimsuit after a swim!

Be cautious where you sit or lay down. Pool sides and decks are usually rough to ensure no one slips over. But that friction can be detrimental to your swimwear. Make sure you use a towel to sit on instead.

Give it a rest. The lycra and spandex used to make swimwear is flexible and stretchy and believe all not, has its own little fabric memory. That’s why it needs at least 24 hours to get back to its original shape. It’s best to alternate swimwear to ensure your bikini is dry before wearing it again.

Never sun-dry or use the dryer. The sun speeds up fading and reduces the swimwear’s elasticity. The dryer is equally hard on spandex and lycra. Air dry the suit in the shade, instead. But don’t hang it by the straps because the water weight will stretch it out. Place it on a flat surface such as a plastic beach chair.

Rinse it ASAP. It doesn’t matter how long you’ve gone swimming. What matters is to rinse your swimwear as soon as possible. Lather the suit with the same mild soap that you use for your skin. And afterwards, never wring rigorously! A gentle press is better.
Only hand wash. The washing machine is too harsh for your swimsuits. Hand wash, using a mild soap and gently rinse after every use. Plain water is not enough to take the chlorine out of the suits.

Have high quality swimwear. The best quality swimwear still has spandex and lycra that’s vulnerable to chlorine, salt water, and sun. But they have a better tolerance, and can last longer than the cheaper ones. Choose suits with more spandex. They are not only longer-lasting but they are also better at keeping their shape and therefore supporting you.

All swimwear has washing and drying instructions. Carefully and religiously follow these in addition to the tips mentioned above. Lastly, keep in mind that no swimwear can last forever. But you can always make them last longer!

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Carla is a beach lover, who has spent most of her life by the beach. As a blogger, Carla loves sharing fashion tips and guides for readers of all shapes and sizes. When not blogging, she spends time as a fashion guru for Carla Swimwear.


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  1. I was just drooling over swimsuits on Modcloth last night. :o) Perfect timing.


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