Saturday, November 22, 2014

Life Lately : Study, Study, Study

Hey guys! Remember me?
I used to blog here? Ha!

Seriously, though. Where has the time gone... the past few months have been a blur.
I've had to take a step back from blogging and photography to focus on life & work & studies... and I miss my it!

You see, I've work at a local insurance company for the past 8 years. I started at reception and have been lucky to be promoted and shuffled around a few different departments.  They decided that this would be the right time to send me for my agent's license. I'm not even joking... if I pass, I will technically be an insurance salesman! lol  Funny where life brings you, eh?

Actually, I won't be selling any insurance.  I will just be continuing in the underwriting (risk analyst) section... but it will guarantee a pay raise and more responsibilities... so it's excited.

I actually just got my first mark yesterday, and I passed the first exam!  Barely... but I did it!  Having never even looked at an automobile policy before, I am pretty proud with this first success!  I had to travel to Montreal for the exam, which is in FRENCH by the way.  25 tricky questions had to be answered in 60 mins.  Not a minute over.  I had no idea how intense it would be.  I had a pretty good feeling I answered just enough of them right to pass... the rest I know I could have gotten right with just a few more minutes to look over them, knowing I second guessed myself on a lot of them... but no such luck.  That one hour felt like 10 mins.  I had to just hand in my exam and wait for the results.

Just for fun, this is an example of a question... and this would have been an EASY one:

Question 1 :

Il y a six mois, Marc a perdu son permis de conduire après avoir échoué l’alcootest. Il a alors décidé de remiser son véhicule derrière chez lui et de résilier sa police d’assurance. Violaine, qui demeure avec Marc depuis 3 mois, vient d’obtenir un nouvel emploi dans la ville voisine, à 20 km de chez eux. N’ayant pas de véhicule, elle décide d’assurer celui de Marc afin de l’utiliser pour se rendre à son travail.
Pourquoi Violaine ne peut-elle obtenir une police d’assurance à son nom pour le véhicule de Marc?
Parce qu’elle ne répond pas à la définition du mot conjoint contenue dans la police F.P.Q. N° 1.
Parce que le véhicule est remisé et qu’il n’est plus assuré depuis six mois.
Parce qu’elle ne détient aucun intérêt assurable dans ce véhicule.
Parce qu’elle cohabite avec une personne qui a perdu son permis de conduire en raison d’une alcoolémie trop élevée.


1 down, 2 to go! My last 2 exams are scheduled for December 9th.  Wish me luck!

I know, boring blog post, right?  I just wanted to pop in and share my good news!  I promise to be back soon with a fun outfit post... I recently celebrated a birthday and treated myself to a pair of Jeffrey Campbell snakeskin platform booties that I am dying to show off!

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  1. Congrats that is awesome news. So happy things are going well and I am anxious to see your new boots

  2. New boots are always a good thing. :) Congrats on passing the first test!

  3. Great job passing the exam! don’t worry about your blog readers, everyone understands! I am hard pressed to get a post in per week these days, so busy! x

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