Thursday, September 25, 2014

#TBT : How to Rock Denim on Denim


I was not crazy about jumping on the denim on denim trend at first.  It made me really nervous.
Have you heard of the term ''Canadian Tuxedo?''
Basically it refers to an outfit that is denim on denim usually pairing jeans with a denim jacket - the biggest fashion faux pas ever,  or so I've always thought.  Plus, I'm Canadian and I didn't want to fuel the fire if my all-denim look came off looking cheap & trashy.


Truth is, denim on denim can work really well.
And this is how:

Choose pieces that compliment each other and avoid matchy-matchy denim.
I went with a chambray top & printed denim jeans.  The top was almost the exact color of the polka dot print of the pants.  My husband wasn't sure I would be able to pull off the look.  When he saw me pulling both pieces from my closet, I got the ''you're not really going to wear THAT with THAT are you?'' look.  I get that look a lot. *wink*

Mixing different fabrics, colors & textures is the best way to avoid the head-to-toe ''Canadian Tuxedo'' look.

Also, try to keep the overall look simple & sophisticated.
I layered a white cami underneath and wore simple brown booties.
I flipped up the collar of my shirt & rolled up my sleeves to be a little sassy.

 Once I pulled the outfit together, I got the thumbs up approval of my husband.
I told him I knew what I was doing! 

This trend can be carried over all seasons.  For warmer weather, try pairing a cute pair of colored denim shorts with a flowy tank & dark denim vest... In the winter why not try a chambray shirt tucked into a denim skirt.  Add a cute belt, maybe some funky tights and ta-da!

Of course, the best way to rock the denim-on-denim look is to be brave & confident!

Chambray Shirt: Giant Tiger
Polka Dot Rockstar Jeans: Old Navy
Booties: TOMS

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  1. you are a stunning lady! that headshot is amazing!

  2. I'm addicted to everything denim! I love how you paired the dark pants and brown booties!

  3. loving this look! the pants and booties, perfect
    xo Jessica

  4. hi, beautiful style,love your blog!

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