Wednesday, June 11, 2014

WEAR: Black Maxi

The weather has been awesome here lately.  Hot!!  After such a cold (and long!) winter, I won't be complaining about the heat anytime soon!

Most days, after I pick the kids up from school, we head over to the local ice cream shop for a treat!  These photos were taken right in front of it... and that cool red truck in the background belongs to my husband...
He said he'd only take my outfit pics if I made sure to get the truck on the blog somehow! Ha! Men!
Since my new Dex Maxi Dress just had to be documented, I obliged. ;)

Isn't the beaded neckline the best? And I love that it has 2 slits up each side. So comfy!
I apologize for the sweater around the waist... does anyone do that anymore? It's freezing in the office so I had to wear it at work and when I left I just slung it around my waist and forgot to take it off.

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  1. makes an amazing belt LOL. Actually just saw a dress on a blog yesterday that was made to look like it had a shirt tied around the waist so your are once again spot on with your fashion. Love the neckline. I have a similar black maxi from Ricki's that has the same beadwork, I love it.

  2. Oh my, I love this on your so much! What a great maxi with that awesome neckline. I have a link up on my blog today if you want to join. :) Hope you're having a great week!

    xo, Amy Ann
    The Real Arnolds

  3. What a great black maxi and the embellished detail on the neckline is so pretty-LOVE it!! Talk about being the best mom too with an ice cream treat after school-yum:)
    Marta xo

  4. That looks SO good on you! love the side slits! x

  5. Black maxi can be tricky, but you did it perfectly! Love the little details on the neckline...

  6. That is a sweet ride your hubby has! I love this dress, especially with the bright pink cardi tied around your hips.

  7. It's like a dress and a necklace all in one. I love it, and it looks fabulous on you!

  8. What a fun & comfy-looking maxi dress! I haven't yet got up the nerve to wear the one I bought off the Old Navy website earlier this spring... I went with a loud-coloured one. Wish I'd gone for black or something a little more subtle!

    PS - I actually LOVE the look of the pink sweater tied around the waist!! So cute!!

  9. This dress looks great on you!! And that truck is so cool!

  10. I love that maxi! The beading is so good!

  11. Your Maxi Dress is lovely. I love the bright, neon neckline. And the sweater around the waist is a nice touch plus matches the pink on the neck. =)

    Thanks for joining the link-up with Amy Ann and I. =)))

  12. The pop of pink in the sweater tied around the waist is such a cute idea!
    Dawn Lucy

  13. I really LOVE this outfit, it's so flattering. I love the pop of colour around the neckline - perfect!

    Fizzy Peaches

  14. Cool truck! I love me a black maxi and yours is lovely

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