Thursday, June 19, 2014

Smile and Write

It's been a while since I've invited someone to take over the blog for a day...
but it's definitely been worth the wait!
Shannon blogs over at Smile and Write and you can't help but be drawn in by her honesty and zest for life.  Seriously.  She's a beautiful person inside & out, and you'll be a better person for getting to know if only through her blog, instagram feed or tweets.
I hope you will take a moment to read her story (in a nutshell, here today) and head on over to show her a little love!

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 Hey Lena B fans! I am honored to be here today guest posting on her blog. My name is Shannon and my blog is called Smile and Write. Most people want to know my angle on why I started this crazy weird thing called blogging and what my slice of internet heaven is all about. It was born out of a mid-life crisis coupled with being stuck in a deep pit of grief after my brother was killed in a car accident. There it is, the band-aid is off. You know the grief I carry around in my pocket daily and the reason sometimes it's hard to smile when everyone else is footloose and care free.


But for as difficult the grief still can be, blogging and writing has been the anchor that pulled me out deep dark pit, and helped me find myself and love my life again. So what is Smile and Write about? Exactly that. You see, the beauty in all of this is that I discovered my passion for helping others who find themselves in the same position I did. Not necessarily just sibling grief but all the yucky stuff we find ourselves trying to handle in this life.
I write about peace and how I found it, how disconnecting from the world has helped me love myself in ways I never knew possible. I share the lessons I have learned about self-love and how nothing good came to fruition in my life, until I learned to love and invest in myself. This is my calling. This is why I am here and as much as the grief of my brother's death still hits me at the rarest moments, I know he is right next to me, coaching me on, opening up my mind and my life to fill its highest potential. That my friends, is what Smile and Write is all about. Well that and my love affair with Bob Costas' Eye. Love yourself, be true to your passions and listen to your inner voice and you will achieve amazing things.


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  1. hi Shannon, nice to meet you. I am a big fan of Lena's blog and her personally. Great to meet you.

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