Monday, May 12, 2014

Coral Maxi Skirt : It's a Love/Hate Thing :

Denim jacket: Old Navy // Crop top: Giant Tiger // Sunnies: Forever 21 // Skirt: Closet Sale // Shoes: Walmart
StripeTop IMG_2152-BLOG

I wore this outfit to work last week.
It's the first time I've worn this maxi skirt since I got it from a closet sale online last year... I wish I could remember which blogger I snagged this from, but it's been awhile!
The pretty color just screams fun & femininity, so naturally I paired it with my favorite pair of spiky flats.

I thought I looked pretty cute, but by the end of the day I was soooo ready to change into something else!!

You see, I work at an insurance company and I work at a desk all day.  My chair has wheels (as most office chairs do) and I was constantly rolling over the damn skirt all day!  I'd have to remember to pull it up and drape is over my lap Every time I sat back down.  But really, who has time to remember to do that when there are a million other things you're trying to remember and/or get done at the same time.  Basically, it was a nightmare to wear at work.

Also, don't get me started on the trouble it gave me getting in & out of the car.

I'm just going to save this skirt for the weekend. When I'm not going anywhere. *wink*

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  1. Getting in and out of car when you're wearing a long skirt is no fun at all! Especially because our cars are too often not-freshly washed and I don't want to get dirt on my skirt!

  2. such a great look though, I am feeling the love/hate thing via your post though

  3. I feel your pain! I am constantly doing the same thing at work! But, you look amazing in it, so that counts for something! (Also, you are sporting a very similar outfit to our inspiration picture in today's post on the blog!)

  4. Haha! I have the exact same problem when I wear a maxi to work! That being said I love that you paired with the studded flats. You look fabulous!

  5. I usually tie my maxi skirt in a knot while I'm doing something/anything that it's getting in the way. Sometimes I leave the knot in ('cause it's pretty that way too), sometimes I undo it once I'm "done". :o)

  6. That would have driven me mad too, having flappy fabric around my legs!! So funny, but yes, best left for the weekend perhaps! Shame, as it's a fab colour. P x

  7. Lena, I absolutely adore your Coral Maxi and how you styled it with the Light Denim Jacket. You look ADORABLE!!! And yes on weekends this would be even more awesome.

    Stop by my blog and link up this Beauty. I am co-hosting a link-up today. Thanks.

    <3 Ada.

  8. Hi Hon. Love the skirt. I wear skirts most often, as they are so comfortable. Also love the tatoos!

    Please stop by

  9. I love the effortless style of your outfit. Denim jackets are great for this time of year and stripes are really in this season. Maxi skirts are the most comfy item ever! and I like the way the coral is so bright it stands out. I'm from Stylish Tuesday.

  10. Love the skirt! The color is perfect!
    Pretty Lovely

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