Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Punta Cana : part 3 : OFF THE RESORT

Catch up with my style post & part 1 & part 2!

We knew we wanted to take part in at least one excursion while we were in Punta Cana.  We decided on a half day safari type excursion. A) because there were itty bitty monkeys involved and B) because we would have an opportunity to see a typical village on our travels and visit a local home/ coffee & cocoa plantation.

After the most bumpy & wet ride ever (it was the only day it really rained while we were there), we finally arrived at Monkeyland.  There we were able to enjoy the little squirrel monkeys in a natural environment...and the landscape was breathtaking.  

The monkeys were soooo friendly! Playing in the trees and bouncing from person to person to nibble at the treats we had for them (fresh fruit).  They are trained & cared for by a wonderful couple (who happened to be Canadian) with years & years of experience.

I was sad the kids weren't with me because they would have had a hoot!

After Monkeyland we travelled to a quaint & typical home to see how the people there live.  The houses are small, but functional & adorable.  The people are happy, everyone I saw, no matter how "poor" they may seem to us are rich in personality & have a wonderful aura about them.  The home we visited was that of a farmer named Mary... her plantation was amazing and I was able to bring home all sorts of goodies... vanilla, coffee and cinnamon to name just a few!

While we were there, we were able to sample fresh coffee, cocoa and their famous "Mama Juana."  The best was the fresh fruit platter we had just before leaving there... so good!

Everywhere we looked there were families on scooters... sometimes 3 or 4 at a time.
I'm glad we had the opportunity to step away from the comforts of the hotel to see a bit of what "real life" is there.  

Tomorrow, I'll share a few sneak peeks from the wedding I photographed there!

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  1. Im so jelouse about your monkey experience ! Looked amazing. What a great trip!

  2. Wow, you had a tremendous adventure. Monkeys are cool but I wonder if I would enjoy them on me. or not??? lol

  3. It is great to see the real Punta Cana. I loved it, reminded me of certain parts of South Africa

  4. This looks like such an amazing trip and your photos are really great! How fun to play with the monkeys :)

  5. Your trip looks so amazing, relaxing & fun! I almost wanna go to Punta Cana just so I can go hang out with those adorable monkeys, so jealous!!

  6. We did the cocoa plantation, but it was a diff one on a diff excursion. This one looks fun!

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