Friday, February 28, 2014

Passion For Fashion #42 : Loafers :

I bought these awesome Dollhouse flats (via ModCloth) in the Fall and sort of forgot about them once the snow started falling.  I got them for a steal during a sale event, and decided they were the perfect way to "finish" this outfit.  The outfit itself is repetitive... I wear the dress, tights & sweater all the time.  Just never together.  I kind of like the way the colors play off each other... not quite "monochromatic" but close.

I'm so tired of winter.  And so jealous of everyone that doesn't have to worry about snow when taking their outfit pictures!  It was FREEZING when we took these pics!! Because I didn't want to bother with the tripod, Ruby came out with me and snapped a few shots in about 30 seconds.  She put together an outfit she called her "cool photographer look." She nailed it.

I can't believe how tired I look in these photos... yikes.  Sorry!  It's been hard week, friends, and all I will ever say here is that we all have to work on building people UP instead of tearing them DOWN.


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  1. They way the colors get darker as they go down your outfit is just too wonderful to look at! It's like they were all made for each other. And Orange is my absolute favorite color, so of course you had me there! :o)

  2. Ooh, those shoes are the best. And I love the color of your dress as well!

  3. great shoes. and love the colors you got going on. you look awesome girl. Have a great weekend.

    It would rock my socks off if you'd join the blog challenge. should be fun. Opened now so come join.

  4. Your Oxford Shoes are WONDERFUL first of all. Love them. I pinned your Outfit because I love it and I know I can re-create it with my own pieces. The Camel Open Cardigan looks Beautiful styled over the Orange Dress. =)

    I have a Fancy Dress and Shoes Linked Up with you & Rachel today. Would love to see what you think. Thanks.

  5. I forgot to say Ruby is Gorgeous. Love those Photos. =)

  6. Those loafers are so awesome!! I'm looking forward to wearing non-snowboot shoes again but it will be a little while because the snow and salt would ruin my favorite pairs of shoes!

  7. Love those shoes! The whole look is great. And your little photographer is definitely too cool =)

  8. A great outfit combination and the shoes are the finishing touch! Hope spring is just around the corner for you. Lately where I am, we're just getting teased with a bit of nice weather and then back to the cold. I am tired of it as well.

    Erika @

  9. Ruby is adorbs!

    Love the color play on your outfit and how it matches but is not matchy~matchy with the shoes.

    As for the crazy, sending you cool girl hugs!

  10. You look like a sunrise! And those shoes are fab. :)

    Jen @ Librarian for Life & Style

  11. I adore those oxfords, awesome. I hear ya on the cold -30 with the windchill today, this is inhumane.

  12. Love the outfit, it´s a mix of summery and autumny rolled into one! :)

  13. ok, I am a mega moron. I linked your post to mine late last night but then forgot to link to you until just now. doh!

    So now, your orange inspiration is coming down from your frozen tundra and electrifying my style sensibilities {wow, that sentence is almost orgasmic, whew,} LOL but, those shoes are absolutely adorable. When I first layed my eyes on them I was in love {man there I go again} ...hahahahaha.

    Have a tremendous weekend with your family and see ya next week, k? k.

  14. Love the colours in your outfit, great shoes :) thanks for hosting. Linked up, following along now going to add your link to my blog hop page ...

  15. You are brave, facing the snow for the love of fashion!! Great shoes, classic style that go with everything. You always make quite bold colour choices too, which makes you stand out! P x

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  18. Love how you styled the loafers! That dress is adorable!
    Thanks for hosting!

  19. Love your choices of colour here xx

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