Thursday, February 13, 2014

If I were...

Saw this post a few weeks ago over at Sincerely J. Marie & thought I'd play along...

A month. I'd be November.
A country. I'd be Canada.  Simple & sweet, eh?
A time of day.  I'd be 3:00 a.m.  Not a bad time at all.  Quiet.
A sea animal.  I asked my family and Memphis said I would be a Blue Tang... cuz I'm cute & exotic.
A direction. I'd be North.
A liquid.  I'd be a hot cup of tea.
A gemstone.  I'd be a pearl.
A tree.  I'd be a cute little shrub.
A game.  I'd be Scrabble.
A famous painting.  I'd be the Mona Lisa.  Quiet & mysterious.
A flower.  I'd be a dandelion!
A kind of weather.  I'd be a crisp, sun-filled Fall day.
A musical instrument.  I'd be a tamborine.
A piece of furniture.  I'd be a big, comfy couch.
A color.  I'd be green.
A means of transportation.  I'd be a taxi.
An emotion.  I'd be happy.
A fruit.  I'd be a banana.
A sound.  I'd be a heartbeat. Steady & comforting.
A vehicle. I'd be a VW bus.  Retro, and big enough to fit all my favorite people!
A place.  I'd be a quirky little fashion boutique.
A taste.  I'd be sweet & sour.
A scent. I'd be the scent pink lemonade.
An animal.  I'd be a mama bear.
A random object.  I'd be a bottle glue... always keeping everything together.
A body part.  I'd be pair of eyes.
A song.  I'd be "Here Comes The Sun."
An item of clothing.  I'd be a cute, classic denim jacket.

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  1. November? really, can't picture that.

  2. How adorable is this?! I have a slight Scrabble obsession. I have to p;ay the app every night until I fall asleep lol.

  3. Oh I love this! Such random info to share

  4. Ha! Love that you'd be a cute little shrub! These answers really do point toward qualities of an awesome mom though…straightforward, comforting yet fun. :) Which is why you were of course nominated for the award in today's post. :)

    Have an awesome weekend Lena!
    xo - Marion

  5. I loved this post and decided to do my own! Here it is:

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