Sunday, December 22, 2013

When we're sick, we watch documentaries

With just a few days to go until Christmas, the flu finally hit our house.  It started with Ruby on Thursday morning... and then hit Memphis & the hubby on Saturday.  Needless to say, between cleaning up *messes* and doing lots of laundry, we have been hunkered down in the living room armed with blankets, popsicles & the TV.

For some reason whenever we aren't feeling good, we like to watch documentaries.

Blackfish depicts the devastating consequences of keeping intellignent, emotional and massive creatures in captivity & for the sole purpose of human entertainment. The story follows Tilikum... and increasingly aggressive orca whale responsible for three deaths.  One of Sea World's most popular attractions, it's really hard to blame this impressive & majestic animal for his actions... especially after  watching the interviews of former Sea World trainers!!  I've never been to Sea World... and I'm no expert.  But the reality is that these creatures BELONG in the wild.  This documentary made me really angry and really sad at the same time.  It's an important movie for everyone to see!!

On a lighter note, Memphis & I watched The Short Game last night & we loved it!
The Netflix original documentary follows 9 young golfers vying for the title of "World Champion."  I know NOTHING about golf, but these kids are amazing athletes and all-around good kids.  Memphis and I were impressed with their stamina, determination, skill & good-sportsmanship.  Kids are awesome, that way.  No hard feelings.  What happens on the green, stays on the green.
When it was over, I looked over at Memphis and asked if he knew what the moral of this story was... he said:
"Never give up. And it's not about winning... it's how you play the game."
Bingo!!  Awesome movie for you to watch as a family, whether you're into golf or not!!

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  1. I love documentaries! They usually make me incredibly angry, though, since I tend to watch the controversial ones, so I have to be careful. Blackfish made me fume!

  2. I'm sorry your family is sick! I hope all are well soon. I want to watch Blackfish with my daughter as well - she has a real passion for animals, especially marine animals, so I know it will be hard to watch - but so important to honor these creatures.

  3. Blackfish is such an intense documentary that really left an impact on me. It was very well done. I hope you and the family get well soon!

  4. I've been ill as well...hope it clears up before Christmas for you and your family. I enjoy documentaries and this one sounds like one that I need to watch.

    I am your newest GFC follower.


  5. BLACKFISH is so freaking good its ridiculous. i saw it in the theatres and have seen it so many times since!! it is so sad :( I reALY JUST WANT TO FREE WILLY! xoRach

  6. I hope you're all feeling better! I love documentaries and LOVED Blackfish. Of course it angered me, especially since I grew up near Marineland, Ontario and supported this crap as a kid! I didn't know. I try to balance out intense docs like Blackfish with something lighter, so I'll look for The Short Game. Happy New Year!

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