Monday, December 30, 2013

Top SIX Outfits of 2013

This year I decided I wanted more "fashion" on the blog.
I'm a just a mom with a pretty boring day job, and I can't afford the fancy clothes & accessories some of the bigger fashion bloggers can... and I'm certainly not as skinny as most.  Nonetheless, I wanted to share my personal style with my readers and I always enjoy looking back on how quickly my fashion tastes can change.  Fashion is fun, no matter what income bracket you fall into... or what size you wear.  I'm proof of that!

These are my top 6 favorite looks of 2013!
I was only going to do 5... but I thought I'd just sneak one more in there!

My favorite yellow dress, colored tights and fun shoes. My go-to look!

My favorite Modcloth "stylish surprise" yet! I scored this awesome Hellbunny dress for $15!  I wore it again a bit differently here.

A fun patterned dress and booties!
This look even inspired Angie of My So Called Chaos to draw this for me:

I adore the color & fit of this skirt.. and it's so comfortable!  I paired it with a white tank and along vest & flip flops.  Can't get much simpler than that!

Again, a fun print (it's wolves howling at the moon!) & colored tights! Love that combo! I added oversized shades and my favorite TOMS wedge booties to complete the look!  I styled it with blue tights & green shoes here!

We had a bit of heat wave in October and I think this was the last time I could wear a dress without tights.  I thought the whole look was pretty sassy!

So, I guess it's pretty obvious I like dresses. I promise I do wear pants sometimes!
If you want to see my style evolution, you can check out my pinterest board!

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  1. adore the mustard dress in number one, and the wolves and red tights combo! i adore your style, lena!

  2. they are all great! i love that green polka dot dress on you, and the blue dress with tights is such a fantastic outfit!

  3. These are great! I love the wolves and red tights! You are always a fashion icon. :)

  4. Oh yes, I do agree that these were also my fav posts of yours. My fav? The blue dress with the orange tights, hands down. Thanks for your fun visit this morning. It brightened my day, already. ♥

  5. You are a beautiful woman! I think the blue dress is my favourite.
    Love, just another mom with a boring day job :)

  6. Really love that yellow dress, and your red hair. Happy New Year to you...XO!


  7. You have such a cool unique style. I like the vintage replica dresses from Modcloth on you. The yellos dress is my favorite but I also like the print dress with the sweetheart neckline.


  8. Love the yellow dress. You have a pretty cool style.


  9. I tried to pick a favorite of your favorites and I couldn't. You're my favorite fashion blogger though! xo

  10. The mustard dress is so pretty! :O :)

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    Happy New Year! :)

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