Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Shannon : Smile & Write :

Hey all you friends of Lena. My name is Shannon and I blog at Smile and Write. Being here writing for Lena is fab-to-the-lous.  I love writing (obvi), kids, life and pure, gut-wrenching honesty (whether it be a painful past or about how I embarrass myself regularly). I frequently share the bones in my own closet and appreciate when others do the same. This is why Lena's blog is the bee's knees!

I also like looking at fashion and dreaming about it but in reality, I can't get myself out of my yoga pants and all my clothes come from Target and being a mom of 2 babies, I simply don't have the energy. I am a fake runner, I love food of all kind and you will never see me without a watch on. My brother has inspired me to live my life like a rock-star and that is what I am all about on my blog.

This past year, I have been on a journey searching for my soul. See, somewhere along the line I started living for everyone else and stopped listening to my own heart beat. Anyone else been there? If not, that's cool, you might some day so keep on reading….

What did I learn?

The hardest part of this whole thing for me has been getting rid of the "people pleaser" bone. I have lived my life trying to make other people happy and even though I thought I was doing a good thing, it turns out that really freaking sucks. So instead, I am learning to say no, do what I want and move on. Some people get pissed, and I get so happy because I finally don't feel guilty! Sounds selfish doesn't it? That's okay with me...

Almost a year in now, I am a firm believer that I can't give to others with a pure heart unless I have loved myself wholly first. I simply cannot fill someone else's bucket unless mine has water in it too. So that's what I write about a lot of the time (except when I write about getting served poop in a restaurant, poop is funny people, get over it already). I think I might write a book someday titled "How To Have a Love Affair With Yourself". As weird and kinda creepy as that sounds it's true, and it gave you a funny mental picture didn't it?! You're welcome, that's what I'm here for.

No shame….
So come on over to Smile and Write with your drink of choice ( I don't discriminate but my cup will be filled with wine, except when I am on my fifth cup of coffee in a day, no lie, I have a problem) and make a new friend. I promise to make you laugh, cry, shake your head and if I am lucky you will do all three.


Thanks for helping me out & guest posting here today, Shannon.
I'm totally a people-pleaser, but you're right that it's important to respect ourselves first & foremost... love your attitude!!

As much as I love blogging, with everything going on in or lives right now (see THIS post), I just do not have the time to invest in Lena B as much as I want to.  I enjoy this space so much, and I have so much respect for my readers & friends that it wouldn't feel right to completely ignore the blog right now... I will be posting as much as I can, but when I can't I have some awesome bloggers lined up to bring you some fabulous posts!  Please be nice to this rockin' ladies.  I apprecite them so much!

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  1. You can never please everyone. I quit trying long time ago. now a days you can piss folks off more than pleasing them.


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