Monday, December 16, 2013

Old Tee DIY

This is pretty self-explanatory, and about as crafty as Lena B is about to get!
It's something I find myself doing A LOT lately.  This Walking Dead tee for example: I picked it up for $5 and it's a men's medium... I never wore it because the neck was too tight and not very flattering... I came across it when I was putting away laundry recently, grabbed my trusty scissors and created an off-the shoulder look.  Perfect for those days when I want to hang at home & be comfortable!

My only advice is to make sure your scissors are sharp and your hands are steady!

Also, I'm a readhead again! Ha!  I got really bored and decided to just go for it.  It's growing on me, but I already think I want to go darker!

I was nominated for Fave Blog by a Parent over at A Peek At Karen's World... check it out here, would love & appreciate your vote!

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  1. I've done this to SO many tees in the past.

  2. I love doing this to old t-shirts too. makes them feel knew and way comfier!
    -- jackie @ jade and oak

  3. Love the shirt! You should go a darker red! It's a great colour in you!

  4. love this simple,but looks great!

  5. okay girl, not only am i a fan of the cut off collar look --- i'm also a newbie to TWD show. i know, it took me long enough right? well, the boyf and i have just finished watching the 1st + 2nd seasons in a back to back marathon way. we plunked down on the sofa and practically haven't gotten up again for 3 days ;) haha! we're into season 3 now and have become major addicts. love that you incorporated the tee here, looks awesome Lena!!! and so does your new hair color. ♥

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