Monday, November 18, 2013

Pretty Clothes On Boring Days : The Random Writings of Rachel :

As much as I love blogging, with everything going on in or lives right now (see THIS post), I just do not have the time to invest in Lena B as much as I want to.  I enjoy this space so much, and I have so much respect for my readers & friends that it wouldn't feel right to completely ignore the blog right now... I will be posting as much as I can, but when I can't I have some awesome bloggers lined up to bring you some fabulous posts!  Please be nice to this rockin' ladies.  I apprecite them so much!

Today, one of my favorite fashionable ladies is here! Rachel is just about the cutest thing you'll ever find on the internet. Her spirit shines through each & every one of her posts... you'll love her post today about dressing up fancy on boring days!  Thanks for helping me out Rachel!

I'm Rachel, of The Random Writings of Rachel, and I'm not a very casual dresser. I don't tend to be found in a t-shirt and shorts very often, and I don't own a pair of sweatpants--my stay-at-home casual wear is sundresses during the hot days of summer and jeans and sweaters during the chilly days of the rest of the year.
I don't understand the appeal of coming home and "changing into something comfortable." It's not that I like uncomfortable clothes, but I've found it's easy to wear clothes both comfortable and interesting.

Because clothes are meant to be worn. What's the fun of having all sorts of pretty clothes in your closet, and only getting them out for rare "suitable" occasions, while wearing boring old ratty t-shirts every other 'normal day'? I understand the consideration about not wanting to get your good clothes stained by wearing them during normal activities--but if your dress dies doing what it was created to do, how dare we call that a dishonorable death? Besides, there are always aprons.

One time, I wore a sequined tank top when we went kayaking. Sometimes I wear dresses when I'm mopping the floors. My husband has come home from a long day at work to find that I spent the whole day home alone writing and cleaning and cooking....and found me dressed in something sparkly and colorful.

(To be fair, I never wear shoes unless I'm actually outdoors, and sometimes not even then. I was raised as a barefoot child, and to this day, my feet like their freedom!)

If you wait till the 'right occasion' to wear the most exciting clothes in your closet, you might not get that many chances to wear them. I say, wear the clothes you want to wear whenever you can--there's no shame in wearing something outlandishly formal to go to the grocery store. For all those grocery store people know, you're simple stopping off on an errand on the way home from a meeting with the President...or possibly you're an obscure but wealthy fashion designer who particularly enjoys picking out her own fresh produce. Make them wonder.
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  1. maybe i need to take rachel's stance of just dressing up to do boring jobs around the house. my husband comes home from work and i have the same pjs i had on when he left for work. although i do shower if that counts for anything. i just put the same clothes back on.

    maybe today when he comes home i will have a bridesmaids dress on. it will probably be accompanied by a unicorn mask.

  2. So true Rachel. Now if I could just get my pug to stop shedding I'd be like you and wear my good stuff at home too. Maybe that is why you don't let your cats in the house?


  3. AMEN! My feet also appreciate their freedom.

  4. Rachel, you are just a wild mix of fun! Thanks for helping out my blog bud Lena! She is so great, huh? (see, you read that didn't you Lena? lol)

  5. I love what you say Rachel, about making people wonder, that would be really fun. Lovely post, deffo off to check out your blog! :) x

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