Thursday, November 21, 2013

Floral 3 Ways : Heidi's Box of Various :

As much as I love blogging, with everything going on in or lives right now (see THIS post), I just do not have the time to invest in Lena B as much as I want to.  I enjoy this space so much, and I have so much respect for my readers & friends that it wouldn't feel right to completely ignore the blog right now... I will be posting as much as I can, but when I can't I have some awesome bloggers lined up to bring you some fabulous posts!  Please be nice to this rockin' ladies.  I apprecite them so much!

Heidi of Heidi's Box of Various is here today & she's sharing her spin on floral... 3 ways.  You'll be smitten with her, I'm sure.  She's totally adorable!  Be sure to stop by her blog & show her a little love, m'kay?  

Hey Hey.
So a few of us have been given the honor of looking after Lena's cosy little corner
of the internet for a few weeks, and today it's my shift :) I thought that I'd do a three way
style-up with a pretty little t-shirt I recently thrifted .

When I saw this cute floral t-shirt hanging there, waiting for me on that rail, I knew at once it just had to be mine. We all know that feeling, I'm sure- when you don't even have to think about it, and the only deliberation you make is the pretend kind for etiquette's sake, to save you looking like a complete fashion vulture swooping in on your prey!
Decorum ladies, at all times! Although it is sometimes very difficult to hide your excitement.
Once laundered, I tried it on and was delighted to find it fit perfectly. I've worn it loads already. It's just so pretty and really comfy too, as it's stretch.

Firstly I paired it with shorts. This may not have been the most appropriate idea considering the season, but I just couldn't resist. I can't wait for summer to come back around now so I can show off the lovely denim and floral contrast.

Then I went a bit original and tried it under a little black dress, which I actually think worked quite well, for a more cutesy look.

Finally, I styled it with beige skinny jeans and tan slingback wedges.
The print makes me feel instantly feminine and the slight heel and skinnies give a more sophisticated air.

And for those who are interested, my nails are Marks and Spenser's Classics in No. 99- Black Orchid, but it's my Mum's from ages ago, so they probably don't do it any more unfortunately, which is a real shame because it's a lovely colour.


Well, thank you for having me, Lena. I've had a lovely time over here on Lena B, Actually.  Warmest wishes and the best of luck to you and your family, for Memphis' hospital stay. Looking forward to seeing you back soon!

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  1. Love that shirt! Great job styling it 3 different ways. Under the dress is my favorite.

  2. I agree with Kristine! I really like it under the dress....what a fun idea! Maybe I should try doing something like this! Thanks for the inspiration, Heidi!

  3. Thank you ladies, it was a fun shoot :)

  4. heidi, loved the post! I never thought to pair a printed top under a solid looks really good!

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