Monday, October 28, 2013

Halloween Inspired Looks

With Halloween right around the corner, I thought it would be fun to put together a few outfits inspired by this spooky holiday!

First up is the sexy kitty costume inspired look... There are so many quirky cat print dresses out there (like this or this) that all you need to take it to the "Halloween" appropriate level are a slinky pair of high black boots, fun accessories like a cat-eared headband (or this cat beret!) and a fun leopard print clutch!

We can also have a little fun putting together a cute devil look like this one.  Red leather pants, paired with a sheer red blouse would be perfect paired with a long red jacket & cute strappy sandals.  Have fun with some blood red nail polish & sassy accessories!


Last, but not least... what would Halloween be without a witch!?
For the witch look, you want to be cool but gawdy.  This means mixing lots of textures & fabrics... be sure to mix in lots of black and some spooky accessories like these skull bangles & black fingerless gloves!


Have a very happy & safe Halloween!

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  1. I adore them all! Great inspirations! xo T.

  2. I love these looks! The cat is cute & red is my favorite color so, the devil one caught my eye! Thanks for sharing Lena!

  3. Those Alaia shoes are to die for. But I think I will die before I save up for them unfortunately. Never mind! There is always looking. Great outfits!

  4. Those drop earrings are fabulous!


  5. Love the silver Alaias! (sigh)

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