Wednesday, October 9, 2013

H is for Horses

Sunnies: Three Bird Nest ($1) // Dress: ModCloth // Shoes: Madden Girl
I remembered right AFTER I ordered this dress that I already had a few horse prints in my closet.
Not really.
How can I NOT own another horse print when it's this awesome?

Again, with the big & weird prints.  I know what you must be thinking:
Wow, Lena B wore another print, I'm so surprised.... not.
I feel so repetitive, but I just can't help it.  I feel most comfortable in dresses, and since I'm not big on accessorizing (I always keep my accessories minimal), a print is the perfect way to bring my outfits up a notch.  A big, gawdy print is my.thing.

Like it or not... you'll be seeing even more fun prints on the blog in the week's to come.  Including a totally DIFFERENT but equally awesome horse pring from ASOS.

Also... those shades I'm wearing cost a BUCK. And they rock. I'm sooooo loving the oversized shades lately... I find the look of them compliment me well with a shorter 'do!
linking up for Look What I Got!

Also, I just want to go on record & thank Lynn of Hearted Girl for this sweet post she dedicated to little old me...  a sight worth sharing
It's one of the nicest things anyone has done for me... ever!  It lifted my spirits at a time I really needed to feel loved & supported!  Thank you Lynn!

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  1. I love prints!! Horses as well :) You look marvellous xx

  2. Yes, I'd definitely say that dresses of this sort are your thing--and you're excellent at wearing them! Everybody has the style preferences they're drawn to. I know I wear a lot of the same types of clothes.

  3. Coming from Saratoga, I LOVE Horse! I shared this on my link up today :) Hope you don't mind! xo

  4. Lena, I so admire your sense of style and the fun prints on your dresses! I wish I was more adventurous when it comes to clothing! I mean, I keep thinking I'd like a pair of dark red/burgundy tights to go with my blue chambray shirt and riding boots, but then I keep stopping myself and saying, "Are you really brave enough to wear them??" I want to be brave! I really really do!! You GO!!

  5. I do a bunch of repetitive things to and find myself it that rut all too often. Lately, I have really trying to not let that happen, especially when post after post has the same thing or theme. hahahaha

    I love this dress on you and the flirty heels are so nice. Great coloring of the entire look.

  6. Adorable! And I love the cut on you, it fits perfectly :)

  7. perhaps your blog should have an added element....Lena B actually....knows how to rock a print like nobodies business!!!! gosh how i adore Modcloth, what did we ever do before they struck up a business online?! and wow girl, those legs of yours look mile high, such a striking cut - i love this look on you! i'd say, keep the patterns on replay cos no one ever calls someone out for being repetitive for wearing black and white so why would they with something as darling as a pretty printed dress?!

    hey, and i'd like to boomerang the thanks right back your way. really appreciate this kindness, you're very thoughtful and this fact speaks through every ounce of your beautiful blog space. xo ♥

  8. Now this was the kick in the pants I needed to refashion the awesome horse print dress I thrifted!

  9. Great dress, but hey you always seem to do it right! I'm so boring in my jeans every single day

  10. That dress! I love prints and especially love horses so perfect combo! Thanks for sharing your look with Three-fer Thursday!

    xo Bethany

  11. If it suits you and compliments you then it cannot be thought of as repetitive. Love the shades and I love how you used a classic heel with this awesome print. such a complimentary pairing. Thanks

  12. I have multiple cat print I support your horse dress collection. Thanks for linking up for Look What I Got. Hope to see you back tomorrow!

    Penniless Socialite
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