Monday, October 7, 2013

ABCs of Memphis : 8th Birthday Edition :

A is for: Autism. It doesn't define him, but it's a huge part of who he is. Truth is, he just wouldn't be the same if he wasn't on the spectrum.  His little quirks make him the boy we've fallen in love with.
B is for: Blue.  It's his favorite color.  The walls of his nursery were blue, his big boy room is blue too!
C is for: Cats.  We have 7 of them right now and he's so good with them.  His favorite is ''Mouse,'' the runt of the litter.
D is for: Dimples.  His secret weapon I call them.  Ain't nobody going to be able to resist those dimples of his!
E is for: Emotional. Most kids on the spectrum have a hard time dealing with or understanding emotion.  This kid feels BIG.  Whatever emotion it may be, if he's happy, sad or mad... he feels it 110%.
F is for: Funny.  He loves telling jokes! ''How do you keep a rhino from charging!'' -- you take away his credit cards! Ha!
G is for: Gadgets. He loves his tablet, the iPad he uses at school, my smart phone, the Wii & his Playstation.  His favorite kinds of games & apps are hunting, fishing or anything animal-related, really.
H is for: Hungry. All.the.time.  He's a snacker... could eat all day long.  He's also become a bit of a picky eater.  Not uncommon for any kid, especially one on the spectrum.  Luckily, he does like a decent amount of 'healthy food' but he's favorite snack is a bowl of chips before bed!
I is for: Intelligent.  Memphis is off the charts and is reading well beyond his 2nd grade level class.  We are so proud of our bright boy.
J is for: Jim Carrey.  His favorite actor... obsessed with him right now actually.  He can recite his lines from Ace Venture & Bruce Almighty word-for-word.
K is for: Knowledgeable.  Got a question? If he doesn't already know the answer, he'll figure it out for you!
L is for: Lasagna. He favorite food. EVER.  Kid could eat it for breakfast, lunch & dinner 7 days a week if we let him!
M is for: Memphis Mitchell.  He was named for the birthplace of Rock 'N Roll... naturally. Since we're both big music lovers, it just makes sense.  His middle name was my grandfather's last name BEFORE he was adopted and it was changed to Hill.  Names are really important to us, and we put a lot of thought into them!
N is for: Nephew. My sister, his Auntie Amanda, is like a second mother to him.  He loves her to pieces, and she has given us to much support ever since he was born! 
O is for: Older. As in older brother.  Memphis was born exactly 2 years, 2 months & 2 days befor Ruby.  His little sister adores him! 
P is for: Poppa. One of Memphis' favorite people is my dad.  Poppa Ross.  He's the only grandfather Memphis has ever known, and Memphis is his only grandson, so they have a pretty special bond.
Q is for: Question.  Memphis is FULL of questions!  He loves learning and needs to know everything about everything.  We actually had his hearing tested when he was little because he was always saying ''huh?'' or ''what?''
R is for: Rap.  Eminem is his favorite! Inappropriate, yes I know. I think the repetitive nature of rap music & the fact that everything rhymes really appeals to him, and of course, Eminem is kind of funny. 
S is for: Spongebob. His favorite cartoon and the theme of this year's birthday party! 
T is for: Turkey. He was born on Thanksgiving weekend 8 years ago.  I had Thanksgiving supper in the hospital and it was the best pumpkin pie I'd ever eaten.  We joked that weekend he was our little Turkey.... can't believe that was 8 years ago already! 
U is for: Ukulele.  He loves listening to his daddy play his ukelele for him!
V is for: Vocabulary. Memphis loves using big words!  He has been known to read the dictionary too. Smarty pants. 
X is for: X-ray. Of which he's never had any.   
Y is for: YouTube!  He loves going on to watch his favorite music videos... he also loves watching reviews of video games he'd like to try. He'll literally sit there and watch someone else play an entire video game!
Z is for: Zookeeper. His profession of choice when asked what he wants to be when he grows up!

I still can't believe my little man is 8 today.
He has brought such joy to our lives, and we have to trust that he came to us for a reason.  We are so lucky to be his parents!  He deserves the world... and I will do my best to give it to him!

Thanks to Chelsea for this great idea!

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  1. Cute post...Happy birthday to Memphis! I had a smile on my face reading this because it sounded a bit like my son, always asking questions and always saying huh? Both my kids are on the spectrum and I love who they are and wouldn't change them for the world...great post x

    1. Thanks hun! They're just the cutest little people, aren't they? I'm in shock that he's 8 already!

  2. So sweet!! Happy Birthday wishes to him!! Such a sweet face. I love blue too, and Spongebob and Eminem is fantastic, a little potty mouth, but funny, haha! I asked a lot of questions as a child...when he's even older he'll know the answers ;) I hope all his wishes come true x

  3. Happy Birthday to Memphis! I love this whole ABC idea, very cute! ps. our Tiger is 9 today :)

  4. What an AWESOME post for your AWESOME son! That smile lights up all the way from Canada to Utah!!! ♥

  5. Happy Birthday to Memphis! Loved reading his ABC's :)

  6. This is awesome! I love all of the descriptions....This is really amazing. Happy birthday to your big boy!

  7. Congratulations to Memphis. A really great little man.

  8. I love this post and I can only imagine how delighted he would be to read it!

    I haven't been your way in awhile as I stopped blogging for awhile. I now have a new blog and I'm back at it fully committed as ever. Hope all is well with you. It's great connecting with you once again. :)

    Following again on GFC. :)


  9. He's definitely one of my fave little peeps :D

  10. oh Lena, when Memphis is old enough to look back on every moment his momma & papa have treasured, like you've exemplified here, i just know it will flip around to become his most special treasure too. having a place to store up all the things you love and all the outstanding qualities of your little man is really like a living diary where onlookers and supporters can leave their own good vibe messages and blessings.

    the things you've shared about your family really lend themselves to who you all are - which it's apparent is a tight family filled with unconditional love. seeing his spark, witnessing his life growing rapidly really brings me into becoming more inspired to move along in a better way through my own. i'm sure any direction the winds blow will lead Memphis to higher and higher places, especially being surrounded by such an awesome and supportive net like yours.

    and YES, greatest dimples on earth is what!!! HB M!!!! ♥

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