Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Tattoo Tuesday : Birds in Blueberry Bushes :

Hey there, I am Amber from Sneakers Over Stilettos, and I am really happy to share my very first tattoo with all of you!

I actually got my tattoo done a little over a month ago, but have been so busy that I haven't shared with anyone yet, not even my family or many friends! I have always admired those who have tattoos, my Dad used to be a tattoo artist so I grew up with tattoos in my life. I was one of those people that wanted one, but didn't know what to get. I have a tendency to be fickle and can change my mind A LOT!

Then one day on my way home from work, I remembered a story my Great Grandma had told me when I was young, about her wedding band that she use to have. I say used to because it was stolen. The design was birds playing in berry bushes. I chose blueberries over other berries to tie in another Great Grandma of mine. While I was very close with all my grandma's, this grandmother in particular was close because she lived with us for many years. When I was planning my wedding I looked into re-creating her wedding band, but it turned out to be a higher cost then I thought it would be, but I still had the design I gave the jewelers. I altered the design a little given that I didn't need it to fit on to a band.

I was so excited that I finally knew what I wanted I went to one of our local tattoo shops and got inked! My little impulse tattoo was done while my husband and kiddies were away for the weekend. They were really surprised but loved my choice of art! Getting a tattoo was not what I thought it would be, I found that it didn't hurt at all, and I can see why after you get one, you are already thinking about the next one!

Thank you Lena, for letting me share my tattoo with all your followers! 


Oh, Amber!  What a great ''first'' tattoo!!  I absolutely love it!
Thanks for stopping by & being part of Tattoo Tuesday!

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  1. Oh I love it, it's simple and cute!

    If you needed a tattoo Tuesday poster I could talk about my first tattoo I just got this summer!

  2. How cute! I love the sentiment behind it.

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