Wednesday, September 4, 2013

May The Toast Be With You

What can I say about this dress?
Ruby thinks I should just tell you that I got it because "I like toast."
But it's more than that.  I absolutely LOVE a good print.  The more unique, the better!  When I came across this toaster print on ModCloth (shocker, right?), I knew I had to have it!  I'm glad I snagged it when I did... the week after I purchased it, there was a the last hurrah sale (up to 70% off) and it was gone in a flash! Sure, it would have been nice to get an even better discount, but had I waited, I might have missed out completely.

It's such a great dress... did you see the polka dot accent on the pockets & neckline?! I wore it to work today with a black blazer & cute wedges and nobody even realized there were toasters all over my dress until I mentioned it.  So, if I can pull off a toaster print at an insurance company, there ain't nothing I can't rock at work... right?

Plus, who doesn't like toast, right?

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  1. Yeah, who doesn't love toast?!?

    I was waiting on a preview item...stalking the site times a day. The item made its debut and was SOLD OUT before I even knew it happened. So yeah, good for you for snagging that dress of awesomeness!!!

  2. The pattern, the trim, the pockets, the colour! There is not one single thing not to like in that dress! Awesome!

  3. haha!! So pretty! You sure are getting a pretty good collection of these unique prints! I don't think I even knew dresses like this existed till I started getting online a little more.

  4. I've been MIA for a few months, and I return to this amazing hair cut! I love it :) As for the dress, it is every kind of amazing. The color, the print, the length, all of it. And I'm a fan of toast too, so it is right up my alley (toaster?) Great look!

    Found you (again) via What I Wore Wednesday. Find me at

  5. dude! you totally rock this dress - you and Rachel from "The random writings of rachel" remind me somewhat of each other....funny thing is when I clicked on this post she had already commented on it. Guess y'all are already blogging buddies. haha

  6. Yes. Yes. Yes. That dress is totally awesome. And you rock it. Love the color and the fun print.
    Have a lovely day.

  7. This dress is awesome! I love fun prints, too.

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