Saturday, September 21, 2013

Couples Halloween costumes: hilarious or cringy?

Mary Poppins and Bert
With the glare of the hot summer sun finally waning, it’s time to look towards autumn and the haunting horrorfest that is Halloween. For one night only, witches, warlocks, ghosts and ghouls descend upon the world - surely it doesn't get scarier than that, right? Wrong.

There is one thing more bloodcurdling than all the living dead combined, something capable of scaring those spectres straight back to their coffins: couples in matching Halloween costumes. Halloween fancy dress is, let's face it, the best thing about the holiday. Whether you spend hours perfecting intricate makeup or just get as gleefully gruesome as possible, it's a chance to be whatever you want to be.So if what you want to be is glued to the hip of your current partner, is there a way to make it hilarious, or is cringing simply inevitable?

The best way to make matching costumes cool is by aiming for the exact opposite. Covering yourselves in head-to-toe yellow paint to play Marge and Homer Simpson makes you that awesome couple who don't care how stupid they look and are all about having a good time. Dressing up as Brangelina in Mr and Mrs Smith, on the other hand, suggests both a worrying level of narcissism and a serious lack of effort as far as costumes are concerned. Wear black tie for Halloween and you may as well hold up a giant sign reading 'couldn't be bothered.' Similarly, be careful to avoid one-sided costumes - by which we mean boyfriends nagged into dressing up as Disney Princes and girlfriends persuaded to spend hours attempting to get their hair into Princess Leia-style buns. Anything that suggests 'under the thumb' instantly marks you out as cringe, not to mention being pretty unfair for the one stuck in the stupid outfit.
If you're set on a couple's costume, just make sure the decision is as democratic as possible. At the end of the day, you can get away with almost anything as long as you both look a) like you're having fun, and b) as utterly idiotic as each other. 


This post was written by Catherine Lavinia.
I've actually always wanted to try a couples costume, but I wasn't sure where to start.  There is definitely a fine line between hilarious or cringy pairings!

Have you done "matching" costumes with your significant other or friends?  What did you go as?

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  1. I think it's ok, as long as you both look good and one isn't done up more than the other. The two in the picture look precious :)) x

  2. I would be up for a couple's costume of some sort....but I doubt my husband would. He only ever wants to wear his bear costume. Though he did suggest getting a "Beast" head to switch out with the body of his bear costume and then I could be Beauty. :P

  3. I would wear a couples costume, but it depends on what it was! Or where we were going. I'm not a huge Halloween fan to begin with - so it would take a lot of convincing!

  4. I did matching with my boyfriend and brother last year. He has special needs and we wanted to take him to a fun but guided experience so we took to Boo at the Zoo. We all went as skeletons. We mostly just wore glow in the dark shirts cause we don't have alot of money but we got tons of complements. We even found a glow in the dark skeleton to take apart and attach to my brothers wheelchair. We would like to do something like that again but we haven't figured out what to go as.

    I like couple costumes, as long as each person in the couple is okay with that.

  5. I think couples costumes are a great idea. If they are tasteful and not something that's slutty... LMAO!

  6. Yes, I dressed as the school teacher and he dressed as the school girl, it went over really well. People cheered when we walked into the party and saw him wearing my school girl skirt with a shirt tied showing his midriff.

  7. Two years ago my husband and I went as the Paper Bag Princess and Prince Ronald, and our 8 month old daughter was a little dragon. I'm freely admit it was cheesy...

  8. Never have, never will. The man dies when we end up wearing the same clothes by accident and have be known to ask me to change (clearly I have more options in my closet). and by wearing the same clothes I mean, jean and the same color t-shirt.

  9. We did a couples thing twice, once as monster and witch and no one knew who we were and the second time as a coke bottle and coke girl, had a blast. I love the idea and love seeing the inventiveness of people. I will be positbg pictures on my blog of the costumes for anyone interested.

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