Thursday, September 19, 2013

Awesome Comments

Dress: Hell Bunny via ModCloth's 'Stylish Surprise' sale: $15!! // Shoes: Payless // Shades: F21 // Belt: old

I truly appreciate every comment I receive.
As a blog reader, I know that it can be time consuming to post a comment... I myself am  guilty of not commenting enough.  I read dozens of posts every day and sometimes only comment on 1 or 2... if any.  It's something I want to work on because receiving a nice comment can really turn your day around.  Really.

The other day, for example, I was having a rough time.  I've been feeling overwhelmed at work and unappreciated at home.  I feel loved, of course... and it's nothing in particular, but I've been feeling a little down.  I put a lot of pressure on myself to get.everything.done. and And let's face it.  I can't do it all.

Then I got this comment from Lynn over at Hearted Girl:
"hi Lena, thanks for visiting me! it's always amazing to run into fellow Canadian bloggers and your whole entire aura is like a 100watt light. i dig your about page and the refined way you break down the important aspects and loves of your life. these matching looks are super adorbs, Ruby is a total rockstar and your shirt is EPIC lades!!! fact is, your blog makes me smile and also winds up my inspiration. happy fallidays to you and yours! ♥"
 Lynn is a new reader and it warmed my heart to know she had taken a few minutes of HER time to learn more about ME.  She didn't have to comment other than she liked the pics in my post... but she went on to say that my blog made her smile.  And that made me smile.

Then I thought back to the sweet comment Renae of Simple Sequins left for me last week on a different post:
"Would you believe; Target? hahahaha. That is pretty pathetic, huh? I shop at thrift shops. They aren't online. I have heard of a few online consignment places but I would rather just swap out with Plato's Closet and call it good. Great post tho. Pointed out more places I should consider. and ...smack me but I just learned you are Canadian. doh. (read your "about" page) Over the past couple of weeks I have gravitated back to your blog and I am loving it here! ♥"  
 Renae is always leaving me sweet comments like that... and last week, I'm pretty sure she visited every Passion For Fashion linkup & commented on their post too.  How amazing is that? Again, someone selfishly taking time to make someone else feel good.  I love it.

I want to give Jo of Will The Kids Turn Out Okay? a shout out too.  She's another woman who always has something nice to say.  When I posted last week about feeling a bit conceited when blogging about myself, she had this to say:
"Don't think you need to worry, I don't think any of your readers think you are conceited. We all just think you rock!"
 Awww, shucks.  Really?
It's so awesome to know that what we're putting out there is being received in a positive way.

So, thank you to everyone who has ever left me a sweet comment... you rock!

As of today I promise to make more of an effort to let YOU know how much I appreciate you too!

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  1. You look marvellous doll, love this dress :) I've been eyeing one a bit similar on ebay. It's always great when we receive lovely comments, it really does brighten the deserve them :) Have a gorgeous day doll xx

    1. Thanks, girl! I sometimes forget how just a few kind words can really turn your day around!

  2. I always wonder about comments; it took me forever to finally start leaving them and now I sometimes wonder if I am over-doing it. But just like you, getting a comment just makes my day, so I am gonna just keep commenting away! I love this dress, green AND polka-dots! Plus, $15... wow!

  3. I agree that a genuine comment from a reader means SO much to me!

    I absolutely love the retro, vintage vibe of this dress! It totally suits you and you look adorable in it!

    The Tiny Heart
    Style Lately Giveaway!

  4. I am guilty of not commenting a lot, but then I am sad when I have a lot of page views and no comments. I am trying to become better at commenting if I read something every time. If I don't have time to comment then I shouldn't read until later, you know?

  5. Renae always leave me sweet comments too, love that lady! And you are right, it is always super heartwarming when you find out someone took the time not only to comment, but to actually go through certain parts of your blog; taking the time to get to know you really!

    Also, that belt. Omg, that belt.

    1. Oh, I'm in little tears here. Thank you Karly!!!!

  6. You deserve all the sweet comments in the world, my friend. You put so much of yourself into this blog and there is so much to love!

    It is amazing, though, how one thoughtful comment can turn an entire day around. I've been there, too.

    Gotta tell ya, like Karly up there, I'm dying over that belt! It's to die for with that dress. Cute, cute, cute.

  7. Love this outfit. So pretty. Thank you for linking up today. See you next week.


  8. AAh thanks for the shout-out! I love your Blog which is why I try to comment ... petty I sometimes have to do work while at work or I would be able to read more blogs

  9. That's an awesome dress and your wearing it beautifully Lena. I think we all love to hear from our fellow bloggers/readers. But I suppose with more than 2K followers you can't always comment on other blogs. But when you do, we feel honored. You are a kind and warm person. That's why we are here, reading and commenting. And that's why we take part in your link_up_party. You and Rachel are doing a great job. Thx for letting us see the sweet person you are and thx for sharing some precious moments with us.

    Have a fantastic day

  10. Lena I love your green dotted dress so pretty & retro. No wonder. It is by Modcloth after all. Thanks for linking up with me and Agi today. Looking forward to your link-up tomorrow.

    Have a nice evening. Ada. =)

  11. Such comments really can make your day! I know I've had comments that leave me smiling for hours afterwards--it's awesome that people will take a few minutes out of their day to type such a special message to you!

  12. well, 1st things are a retro dream standing there in that beautiful green dotted dress! Lena, it's like it was made for you, seriously you look beautiful!!

    i am trying to find the words right now and feel like i'll fail because i can't convey my inner burst with something so static as a few phrases. i hadn't visited you before, it's true but something immediately struck me when i arrived here. actually, it was your hair, to be honest. i was sort of like wow, who is this awesome girl?! and why's her hair style this short. i know that's very superficial but it made me want to learn more about you, i didn't know if you'd been through a health concern of your own or whether you were a radical, crazy cool stylist who was always testing out a new appearance. when i read the reason why and also that you're a rockstar Canadian i felt an immediate connection. my Mom and Dad both have gone through various Cancers and Dad's sadly took him away but Mom's holding strong. i was very touched by your own story with your children and your love story.

    i really think i need to email you because this rant is taking the comment area hostage...oops! hold up, somethings coming your way soon but thanks so much for the kind words and button addition. really sort of in awe. ♥

  13. Lovely comments! I agree that it's hard to find time to comment but I do appreciate it too.

    That green dotted dress is amazing! What a deal! It's got a terrific retro feel and the color is unexpected and perfect!

  14. This is a very nice post. Yes, a comment is written quickly passing. I like to comment and love the contact with other bloggers. Sorry, my English is not perfect, so I use the translator. I hope my words come right at you.

    I really like your blog very much.
    Many greetings Sabine

  15. I am so guilty of this as well! I need to do a post just like this. That dress is AMAZEBALLS!!! I am so jealous! And those TOMS booties above, yeah I'm going to be needing those, stat. xo ak

  16. You're so right... a sweet comment from a fellow blog pal can really turn a day around :) Like you, I sometimes feel guilty because I don't always comment, I only do a few a day... but it really does make me smile when I get nice comments from my blog pals, so I'll try to be better at it in the future!
    You look amazing, Lena - you go!!! :)

  17. Oh, me silly or dumb or something but I didn't see this until just now. Thank you, Lena! It has been great to come back to your blog and now you give me a 'shout out' - I
    have little weepy eyes right now because that was so sweet of you to say. thank you again and I will be here many times over and over, you just mind that. ♥

  18. I love this 50' style and you look amazing in this dress


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