Monday, September 16, 2013

2K Celebratory $100 Paypal CASH Giveaway

Something kind of amazing happened recently.
After years of blogging, starting all the way back when my kids were just babies, this little blog hit 2,000 GFC followers.

Yes, yes. It's just a number.
Realistically, 2,000 people are not stopping by to check out my outfits on a daily basis BUT they have stopped by... at least once. And that's something right?
I can't believe the ways this blog has grown, the people I've met, the products I've had a chance to review, the opportunities I've had and the moments I've experienced as a blogger.

And to say thank you, 20 wonderful gals have come together to offer you a $100 Paypal cash prize!
The blogs participating in today's giveaway are:

Three Wishes
When Shutters Click
Flats to Flip Flops
As It Seems
Spry On The Wall
Wonderfully Unkempt
Bella Caiden
A Heart Full of Frost
Absolute Mommy
Big Apple Mami

This will likely be the last "big" giveaway for awhile since I no longer accept paid sponsorships & will not be hosting monthly group giveaways!  It's not an entry, but if you could leave these ladies a little love, either in the comments or on their sites, I'd be grateful!

A big thanks to all my followers, new & old, for accepting me for me & supporting me along this awesome journey!

The giveaway will be live for 2 weeks... there are no mandatory entries, but I do ask that you play fair.  If you have any problems with the Rafflecopter or entry links, please let me know!

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  1. Oop, Dang! Was hoping to be aboard next time, but that's ok. Thanks for all you have done in Blog-land and congrats on the 2000 GFC!!!!!

  2. 2000! What an incredible achievement, so cool!

  3. I bet you have even more followers that aren't official. :o)

  4. 2000!!! Wow!!! Congrats to you Lena. And a big thank you for everything you've done in blog-land.

    have a lovely day

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