Thursday, August 15, 2013

Why I Don't Ask Him To Take My Picture

This is my "hurry up & take the picture... are you even pressing the right button!?" face
My feet, on a weird angle... and only part of my leg tattoo is actually in focus
Last but not least... the back of my neck. And some buttons. This was his "artsy" shot... apparently
... and THIS is what I get when I ask my husband to help me with outfit pics.
Clearly, even my 5 year old can take better photos.

 He took about a dozen photos... and these were the ONLY usable 3.  He's a man of many talents... but fashion photographer he is not.  I love him dearly, but sweetie... don't quit your day job.

Dress: ModCloth  Shoes: Old Navy

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  1. Outfit photos are difficult to take! My husband and I have had many a discussion, we will call it about angles and background.. blah blah blah. HA! I think these three turned out great :)

  2. Haha, oh my partner HATES taking my photo, he captures the worst moments ever, and the great pictures always come out blurry! Must invest in a tripod to replace him, ha!

    Lyndsay xx | Fizzy Peaches ♡

  3. ahah, that sounds about right. i have the same problem. we should totally team up for outfit pictures, it would make things so much easier. >.<

  4. I am dying laughing and just made my husband look at this post. He is THE WORST at taking pictures. He says because I went to school for photography that I'm being a pretentious snob, but it's SO not the case. Whether it be a phone camera, a point and shoot, a DSLR -- he always ends up taking photos of something out of focus or completely wrong. When he came with me to get my first tattoo, he took about 200 pictures. Guess how many actually had me in them? TWO. And one was out of focus. But he had plenty of pictures of the table, the tattoo guy's head, the floor -- he's so bizarre. A photographer he is not. I always try to bribe my 17 year old sister to snap the photos for me! ;)

  5. My poor husband. He tried. he really did. And we ended up arguing. Replacing the husband with a tripod is the key to a happy marriage for us fashion bloggers.
    I love him. But he doesn't have "the eye."

  6. Oh, Honey, it's a man thing. Mine takes pictures with the camera angled down at me. My head looks ginormous while the rest of me is out of focus. Wait! Do they do this on purpose so they don't have to shoot? LOL

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