Sunday, August 18, 2013

The Cut

Dress: G21 via Walmart // Shoes: Giant Tiger // Earrings: Aldo
If you follow on Facebook & Twitter, you may already know that I'm taking a few steps towards cutting back with my photography & blogging.  Not forever, mind you, but I am proud that I noticed in myself the need to take a break.

I am blessed to have a hobby that I love and brings in a little extra cash, but I've been booked pretty much every weekend this summer for photography sessions, and that not only means having to plan the weekends around those shoots, but most evenings were spent editing all the photos.

I'm also taking on more responsibilities with my  real job... so my days were full, full, full.

My family and the blog were taking a backseat, without a doubt.  I love the blog, of course... but I love my family more.  So I have decided to stop taking on paid sponsors.  The time is takes to properly promote & put together guest posts & giveaways is a lot.  My sidebar will, instead, be filled with friends,blogs & shops I love... kickin' it old school and just "grabbing buttons" whenever I want!

I do LOVE my sponsors, though... and 2 of them will be rockin' an awesome ModCloth giveaway tomorrow... so come back for that, m'kay?

I've given myself permission to be okay with not posting every day too.  Unless I have something I really, really, really need to blog about I'm giving myself the okay to not blog unless I really, really, really want to.

I have my Tattoo Tuesday & Passion For Fashion features that will remain constant... and the rest will be fashion posts, life stories and... whatever else I feel like sharing.  I hope you will continue on this journey with me, I'm so happy & blessed to have made some wonderful connections & friendships.

I want to spend the rest of the summer enjoying my family.  And getting the kids ready for school!  Memphis is starting grade 2 soon and is very... challenging lately.  see this post about why autism sucks.  Ruby will be starting kindergarten and she's so excited!! I've done all our back to school shopping, so all we need now is a bit of R&R before the rush of school & routine take over!

I've taken a cue from the lovely Chelsea and made some cuts on Bloglovin' too.  She recently posted about it being okay to unfollow, and I took it to heart.  My feed was out of control and I was, honestly, so overwhelmed that I wouldn't even bother scrolling through & reading anything.  I'm still following lots of great blogs there, but I did get rid of at least 200 blogs that I had NEVER interacted with before (probably just giveaway entries)... I organized my lists into DIYs, Fashion & Favorites and just feel so much calmer & organized.

This break is going to be great for me... I can already tell.

Linking up with one my favorite fashionable mamas today for Sunday Style.
Jenny has found a way to raise money for cancer research... be sure to check out her post today!

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  1. Good for you for realizing you need a break. Family is always the most important thing, I think anyone would understand. I recently went through and organized my Bloglovin feed and it has been a life saver. I can chose which ones to read, and if I keep skipping over them, I know I don't need to follow anymore!

  2. I love blogging. But I just spent the last month with my family and a gleefully abandoned blogging--even though it's my favorite hobby ever, and I couldn't imagine life without it, sometimes, there's simply much more important things to spend time on!

  3. I totally understand where you're coming from - blogging can eat your life. I'm cutting back on social media, so that when I AM online, I'm more focused. My family gets the bulk of my time when I'm off work. I try to blog mostly at night while my daughter is's a lot to cram in. Good for you for knowing your limits - we all have them :)

  4. love the fun peekaboo cut outs on your dress! darling! Congrats on many exciting changes in life!

  5. Cute dress! And hooray for doing what's best for your family! I know about autism sucking. So do what's best for him, you, and everyone.

  6. I absolutely love that dress on you, Lena! Thank you so much for your sweet words about my post. I'm glad it helped encourage you to make some cuts in the blogging portion of your life. Our time is so very valuable and needs to be spent on those that we love :) And I completely understand taking a bit of a blogging break to spend time with family as well. Good for you, hun!

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