Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Tattoo Tuesday : Janine's Ink :

Hi I'm Janine and I am so happy to be here with Lena,
 sharing one of my favorite things...
my ink.
I got my first tattoo when I was 18. It isn't my favorite tattoo, 
but you know when you are 18 you think you will live forever, 
that nothing you do will have a consequence.
That is how I felt, I felt invincible.
So, I got an Onk
which is an Egyptian symbol meaning eternal life.

 I didn't get my next tattoo until years later in Atlanta. I chose to
add on to my first one and make it a floral anklet.
I love daises and sunflowers so
the artist kinda did his take on combining them.

 The little initial on my other leg is an
M for Mary (my Grandmother)
 and a W for William (my father)
depending on how you look at the tattoo.

When I went to Grad school in New Orleans, I felt as if
I was really starting to grow into the person
I was supposed to be, that God had intended me to be.
Like a caterpillar that leaves the shell of its prior self behind and
blossoms into a creature that isn't afraid to fly...
I chose a butterfly.

My next tattoo is one I adore for many reasons
I got this camera done by Matt Clemmer in Dayton Ohio
with my sister Jen.

 I love that it is whimsical, but substantial.
The E=MC2
is for my kiddos.
I didn't want a specific camera,
I just wanted to look down and see one of the things
in life that makes me so happy...
taking pictures.
Matt is an amazing artist.
You can find him here. 

The last tattoo I have gotten is
my hubby's initial.

We went this year on our 16th Anniversary and got
each others initials.
I love that his looks like a fish hook for a J
(Yep, I am hooked)
 I want so many more tattoos.
I love the idea of having my kids writing on a tattoo
I am dying for a wishing stick like this...Actually 3 of them.
Again, it would represent my 3 Wishes, my children.


Not sure where I would put them but I love it!

I have always said, once you get a tattoo, you want more.
It is like a sweet little addiction.
A  collection on your body of all the things you hold dear.
Family, your faith, your dreams.

Thanks for having me Lena.
It was fun to share something I love.

Lena B, Actually

I'm definitely jealous of all of Janine's cool & meaningful tattoos... I ADORE the camera one. And I'm a sucker for "his & hers" type tattoos too!

Be sure to stop by Janine's blog My Three Wishes and say hi!

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  1. Her camera tattoo is bad ass!! Love them all!

  2. Love the camera. And the placement of the butterfly is nice!

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