Wednesday, August 7, 2013


 Would you spend $10 on a dress that you thought was cute but you KNEW it would probably fall apart after just a few times wearing it?
I totally did. This is my first time wearing it and already I was snipping away at stray threads & such. Oh well. 

I loved the leaf print and the colors will be easy to pair with tons of different shoes & accessories.
$10 well spent.  This entire outfit cost less than $25... so that's a fashion win in my book!

Here's hoping the dress doesn't fall apart anytime soon cuz I kinda like it.  I might even be able to transition it into my fall wardrobe with a cute pair of boots, colored tights & a cardigan!

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  1. i hope you can repair it .. i love it!! the pattern is so fun! ( :

  2. Haha - I definitely do that! Sometimes it is just worth it to cheap out and then fix the thing later. You look super cute! Love the edgy sandals with the pretty dress.

  3. All the time. :-) love that dress with those sandals. And the hair cut, just love it all.

  4. If it does start falling apart, you could try using it as a pattern so you can make another one. and i so love it. looks great on you :)

  5. i love your hair cut! the dress here is just wonderful.

    lindsey louise

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