Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Clutch & Cuties

Dress: Forever 21 // Shoes: Walmart // Clutch: Shop Hello Lovely // Ring & bangles : old
Today is officially the last day of summer.
Today we celebrate Ruby's daycare graduation in the morning, and then we celebrate a new school year with a BBQ before meeting the kids' teachers tonight... a whole new chapter is starting for our little family.

Both my babies are "in school."  Ruby is starting kindergarten in the french immersion class and Memphis will be in the second grade.  I can't believe I'll only have 1 stop every morning now before work. Heck! We'll probably just walk or bike to school when the weather is nice (it's THAT close)... BUT this also means two lunches to prepare every day. And homework.  Eek.

I'm not going to lie... I'm excited, but feeling a little anxious & overwhelmed too.  Can't wait to get the first day of school under our belt!

Have your kids started school yet?  How is it going so far?

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  1. Wow, french immersion?? That sounds like an awesome way to start out a school career!

  2. Super cute clutch! And cute kiddos too! :)

  3. Hi Lena. What a lovely clutch and your kids are adorable. Love your bangles too. I shall be your newest follower. And I want to say thank you for hosting the party. Have a lovely day.

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