Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Tattoo Tuesday : Pet Portraits :

It's no secret that Kitty & Fido can become REAL members of our families.

Before we had kids, our cats were definitely our babies... 
We had a kitty named Tabitha that was the best cat ever.  A real snuggly little black & white cat we rescued as a kitten.  She's no longer with us, but after seeing some awesome pet portraits on Pinterest, I would totally consider getting her pretty little whiskered face tattooed on me... someday.  Maybe.

I think if the tattoo is well done, getting a portrait or memorial tattoo for your pet can be really neat.
My question for you today, is... Would you get a pet tattoo?

Lena B, Actually

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  1. Great tattoos. I love the last one and the one of a dog in a blue bandana. I have absolutely nothing against getting pet tattoos and I wouldn't mind having one.


  2. The calico cat portrait is beautiful <3

    Yes, I would absolutely get a portrait of one of my critters. I'm super obsessed with my min pin, Conrad, he was my first child! And he's beautiful, so why not? I think the only thing I would have trouble with is placement... I'm funny about my tattoos "going", I don't like random patchwork images that don't flow. It will definitely take some consideration, but I'm sure it'll happen eventually.


  3. I have a cupcake tattoo, for my cat, Cuppington. But, I want to get an old-fashioned portrait of all of my animals!

  4. I would absolutely get a tattoos for my kitties. =)
    I love the 3rd one down in the frame. Great pictures!

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