Thursday, June 13, 2013

Old Car Show

I was having fun photographing my reflection in all the shiny cars.... so shiny!
''Oooh! Mommy, take my picture!!''

Last Sunday, we packed up our little family and headed a few towns over for an ''auto show.''
We knew there would be lots of shiny old cars there, and my husband and I absolutely love drooling over vintage cars... what better way to spend an hour or two on a sunny Sunday afternoon, right?

The first car I spotted was an old Nomad, a beautiful tomato red color too!  It's seriously my dream car... a cooler retro version of today's mini van or station wagon.  I can totally picture myself cruising around town in one of those... 'sigh'
If I can win the lottery, it's so mine.

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  1. I grew up going to car shows--there are so many of them in our area and in the summertime you often spot guys out cruising in their classic cars. Too bad modern cars with modern conveniences can't look as cool. My Dad brought me home from the hospital in his (1970?) Cutlass--my uncle still owns it so it's still in the family and he shows it at car shows every year. No air-con, though. :P

  2. Totally jealous right now, so cool! We love old cars!

  3. We love Car Shows! The kiddos have become just as fond of Old School rides as me :)
    Sunday Car shows are one of the best ways in my opinion to spend a Sunday.

  4. There's a car show on the main street near my home every friday night during the summer. It's so much fun. You look gorgeous!
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  5. This looks like so much fun! I love old cars!

  6. beautiful cars!! I never used to like car shows when I was younger but I wouldn't mind seeing one now especially a vintage car show.

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