Thursday, June 20, 2013

Always a Wedding Guest : meet Kat :

Hi! I'm Kathrin, or "Kat" and I blog atShop.School.Sleep. I'm a married teacher and mom to 2 fur babies, my cats: Kors and Spade. I love fashion, hence the names Kors after Michael Kors and Spade after Kate Spade. I blog about a mix of different things: fashion (although not necessarily a fashion blogger...I try:) haha), my teaching life, finishing grad school for a Master's in English Literature !! I love Raven Football, but I was raised in sunny Southern Cali. I generally share my random thoughts and general life happenings on my blog and always happy to meet new friends :)

Since it is wedding season, I decided to write about my experiences as a wedding attendee.
Some things I have learned:
  1. A good DJ is a must!! the best weddings were the ones I danced at non-stop.
  2. Wedding fashion is fun...don't necessarily recommend plain white, but white with patterns/prints is fun and the black dress is totally fine...just dress up the black with jewelry and shoes :)
  3. It's always okay to recycle dresses!! If you love the dress wear it as often as you can hahaha
  4. I always cry my eyes out at 3 parts: when the bride walks down the aisle, the first kiss and father-daughter dance....waterworks every time!!
Kat Fun Fact #1: Ever since Matt (my husband) and I started dating 8years ago we have attended at least 1-2 weddings a year, including our own wedding...with the exception last year where our friends took a break....that's 16 weddings in 8 years!!

So i'm taking a trip down memory lane with past weddings....(I think they're in order...and I'm missing a picture or two)

Summer 2006: Our first wedding for Matt's friend Jen

Summer 2006: 2nd wedding for his friend Ian
Fall 2006: My friend Kelly's wedding

2007: Winter 2007 was Matt's brother's wedding. It was a very low key wedding and I just can't find a picture!!

Spring 2008: My friend Julie's wedding

As seen above if I like a dress I will wear again and again!!

Blurry sorry!! Fall 2008? Matt's friend Breeze's wedding
This was a Vegas wedding and I forgot my dress because we came right after I finished work/teaching and had like an hour to shop Forever 21 for a dress and accessories..I brought my own heels hahaha
Winter 2008? (or maybe this was in 2007?): my friend Andy's wedding

Spring/Summer 2009: My friend Candice's wedding

Summer/Fall 2009: My friend Jennie's wedding

Winter? 2009: My friend Tricia's wedding
Winter 2010: my friend Amy's wedding...I'm making a weird face and Matt skipped out on this wedding because it was our own wedding year!! Also see...again this dress!!

Spring 2010: Matt's friend Benno's wedding...Matt was a groomsman so I went with other friends until Matt could join me
Summer (one month before my wedding) 2010: my friend Michele's wedding...our F-U crew...tecaher insider joke...F for grade and U for citizenship hahahaha

Our wedding!!
Fall 2011: my friend Nikki's wedding and my 1st time being a bridesmaid!!
Took a break!!! No weddings for 2012!!

Spring 2013: My friend Kassie's wedding

May 2013: My friend Ashley's wedding
I have 3 weddings scheduled for 2014 and I think they are all going to be back-to-back in terms of excited for them!!
How about you? Do you go to a lot of weddings or have been to as many weddings or more?

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  1. Love weddings, but not nearly enough happening around here. I've been to my last wedding in 2007 when I was pregnant with our oldest and now we're invited for another wedding in July, with both of our girls in the wedding party (flower girls). SO excited!!

  2. Not a lot of weddings for me! In the 11 years that my husband and I have been together, we have only been to three weddings (plus our own). We need more weddings in our lives!

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