Monday, May 20, 2013

The Art of Taking Pictures of Yourself... in Public

Is it weird to take pictures of yourself?
Yeah, I think so.
At least, I usually feel pretty weird doing it. 
As a blogger, it's something I've gotten used to doing... but hardly ever actually out in public where anyone can see me...

When it comes to taking pictures of yourself, nobody does it better than the lovely Joanna!  And I mean that as a huge compliment (I think most of us struggle with being in front of the camera, right?) 

This chick has got it down... Her trick?
Well, keep reading to find out!
and then go check out her blog... she's my go-to fashion inspiration!

Hey guys.  I'm Joanna from ModaMama.  It's where I blog about fashion mostly:  the act of trying to be fashionable, and being okay with failing at it.  I also share my sacrastic and often wierd musings on the daily life of being a freelance actor, photographer and mother.  *Yes, I'm a freelance mother, because if I was salary I could clock out*  Sometimes I vlog about it!

As a *wannabe* fashion blogger, I take pictures of myself almost on a daily basis.  One thing I've discovered is that you are often watched by other people.  Sometimes I manage to take fun photos in my backyard....

But most of the time that results in some kind of dog or baby photobomb.

Plus, I like to have different backgrounds and generally find a way to give you a sense of what my life looks like.  So that means people watch me.  I've gotten over it for the most part too.  How?  Glad you asked.

First, I've accepted that everyone's crazy.  Those people walking by as you take photos, they're crazy too.  You just don't see it because at the moment it's hidden.  Your brand of crazy is just a little bit more out in the open. *yes, taking photos of yourself daily is a little crazy in my mind*

Secondly, I've gotten over myself.  What do I mean by that?  I'm not the most anything - beautiful, ugly, fit, sexy, hideous, awkward *though the jury's still out on that one* stylish, etc. etc. - on the planet. There's always someone more *insert adjective here*.  So I've got nothing to worry about in taking pictures.  Because all I can be is me, and that's okay.  That's what my readers are looking for.  Otherwise, they've landed on the wrong blog.

Finally, I try to remember that if the biggest problem I have in life is that someone looks at me funny while I try to take photos of myself, well the, I lead a pretty charmed life.   With all that in mind, I go ahead and confidently take photos.  Plus, if they're that interested, talk to them.  Who knows you might get another reader.

Thanks for listening to my blathering!

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  1. That's great advice!

    I don't have a good place in my home to take photos, so I often try to get out take some photos around town. Some days I just chicken out and take a photo in my living room, but my best pictures are the ones from around town.


  2. I love her look, going to have to go check out our blog. I'm such a dud when it comes to fashion never mind taking pictures of myself.

  3. Awesome! This was really helpful. I too am a blogger and I'm shy about taking pictures of myself in public places. This has definitely boosted my confidence a little!

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