Saturday, May 18, 2013

Our Earthquake

Yesterday, a 5.2 magnitude earthquake shook our little town... 
I was at work it happened.  The sound it made was horrible... I thought a big truck was slamming into our building.  It wasn't until my desk started shaking & co-workers yelled to get out that I realized what was going on!

I'm sure the first quake lasted only seconds... but it felt like much longer.
10 minutes after the first one, an after shock of a 4.2 magnitude shook us all again.
Both kids were at school/daycare.
Of course.  These things never happen when I'm with them.
A co-worker went to check on her son at daycare, same one Ruby attends... so I knew they were fine.  The kids were a little upset, but they had fun building ''forts'' that they were going to hide under if it happened again.
I went to the school to check on Memphis, and he was visibly shaken.  I tried to make it sound like an exciting experience... but for a kid that already has major anxiety issues, he wasn't buying it.  After a few hugs and kisses and reassurance that I would come back for him, I went back to work.
The rest of the day was pretty uneventful.
The town was abuzz, of course, and TV crews from the big city descended upon our little town.
There wasn't much to see.  The quake didn't cause much damage, other than broken knick knacks and crooked pictures on our walls.

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  1. Wow, glad you are all ok after that, must have still been quite a shock!

    Lyndsay xx

  2. Scary! Glad you and yours are ok!
    Here in Utah there is a HUGE predicted earthquake that is YEARS over due. My WORST fear is that it will happen when im not with my kids :/

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  4. Scary! So glad you guys are OK.

    Last year, the hubs went through his first earthquake. He thought it was a train until our daughter did a quick search and found out what it was.

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  6. Ugh that does not sound like fun! Glad you are okay ... hope you haven't had any after shocks since then

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