Thursday, May 30, 2013

Awesomely Awkward Oufit Pics with Amber

Hey hey Lena B readers!
So happy to be here today. I'm Amber and I blog over at My Three Bittles. Today since Lena was nice enough to let me guest post, I thought I'd share a few of my favorite outfits with you guys!
(I'd feel just wrong doing ANY other kind of post on Lena's blog) 

 photo IMG_9844_zpsfe466569.jpg

This one was for a shoe styling contest. My husband took it-I was pretty proud of him for it. Usually when he takes me outfit photos, they end up looking like this: 

 photo IMG_4743_zps96c88d66.jpg

Or I end up with a bunch of shots of the tops of kids' heads or pictures of the dogs. He gets easily distracted and bored. So I do a lot of my outfit pics myself 

 photo IMG_4805_zps7105e4cd.jpg

See the clicker?! I'm a newbie. And just really have issues figuring out how far I can stand from the camera. It's entertaining to watch me even try. I'm thankful for my boring backyard. Although one time my neighbor did walk out and kind of look at me weird. They moved about a week or so later so I don't have to worry about that awkwardness for a while. Or at least until we get new neighbors. Sometimes I ask David to stand for me in front of the camera so I can get it to focus right. 

 photo IMG_4802_zpsccca3c35.jpg

He's a great helper let me tell ya *wink* Then he likes to be sneaky. I laughed when I was going through these later and saw this one 

 photo IMG_4803_zps5973b6db.jpg

Sometimes my four year old, Maddie helps too! 

 photo IMG_9210_zpse3242fdb.jpg

Doesn't she just look thrilled?! I'm definitely not the best at these, but I sure have fun trying! *note the clicker in my hand again* 

 photo IMG_4926_zpsb4dac9d5.jpg

Come check out my kind of cool blog for more outfit pics along with lots and lots of random pictures of my cute kids, our crazy dogs and my goofy husband.

Thanks, Lena for letting me hog your blog!
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  1. If I could of laughed out loud and busted ten guts I would of! (John's asleep...zzzzz) anyhooo---I LOVE YOU AMBER AND LENA!

  2. I love the clicker and the husband looking like a thug behind you that's freakin' hilarious! I was just on your blog today for the first time and then I saw this guest post... I love your green dress!

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