Tuesday, April 30, 2013

One Face of Autism

Many of you are aware that April is Autism Awareness Month... there are tweets & status updates & "shares" coming from all over the internet.

For us, though, every month is autism awareness month.

Last year, on May 7th, our son Memphis was diagnosed on the spectrum.
In the past year, we have had many many, many, many up & downs.
Some of which I've shared here, but many that were not.
Afterall, a diagnosis isn't cure. Nothing much has changed for us, except for the fact that we are better prepared to help him get through each day as best as he can.  We have an amazing support system of family, friends & professionals.

This pass year, I have hoped & prayed for one thing.
More than awareness, I hope for acceptance.
1 in 88 will be diagnosed on the autism spectrum... that's a lot of people.
There is a good chance you are, or have been, touched by someone with autism.
My only hope is that you embraced this child, or person, for who he was... and not for what his diagnosis told you he was.

Every child I've met or read about is completely different. They struggle on all levels.
They deserve our respect and our guidance.
They need to be loved & discipline, just as any other child would be.

Memphis is just one face of autism.
Please spread the word of acceptance of the autism community any way you can.
My family thanks you for your continued support... we couldn't do this alone!

Finally, here are a few things you can do for an autism parent:

Don't judge.
Offer to babysit or help out if you notice they're particularly stressed out.
Don't tell them how to parent/discipline their child.
Don't blame it on vaccines.
Don't assume you know how they are feeling... but be supportive. 

Feel free to linkup your autism stories too!

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  1. Thanks for sharing & posting! You have a handsome guy, I think ours are the same age :)

  2. Thanks for 'sharing' him with us ... the more we know the better we can act.

  3. Wow, it's been a year already? I remember the time you got the diagnosis. We have recently had my daughter re-tested and they ruled out everything we thought she had including aspergers. Good news but also frustrating because still no clear answers. We've been reading "The explosive child" and what they write about, is "us". This is comforting that we are finally getting somewhere. I agree with your list on the end of your post. I agree as well that a diagnosis doesn't make anything ok. Everyday is a battle trying to anticipate and work with your child. You're a strong momma. :) Thanks for sharing. xo

  4. Thank you for sharing! Our niece is autistic, and I am glad that the girls get to know her with the innocence and accpetance of little kids. I know that one day there will be questions why their cousin is not like other kids her age, and we will be talking to them about it. But for now, it's just their Tinkabella, and they love her just for who she is.

  5. i can definitely relate, although when Wesley was tested for Asbergers a few months ago, they said he didn't have it. But tested high for anxiety and depression. It's a struggle, dealing with opinions of family and friends some days...and working with him as well. But I am thankful that knowing there is something we can work on is better than knowing nothing at all. Love you friend..

  6. Thanks for Sharing, what a lovely little boy you have.

  7. I had no idea that so many people were affected by autism. Thank you for spreading awareness & for giving us concrete ways to help out families who might just need a few spare minutes in their day.

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