Tuesday, April 9, 2013

A Most Fashionable Mama!

I have a huge treat for you today... she's been here before, but I'm always honored to have her back.  She is one of the most inspiring, fashionable, quirky, nerdy, adorable, witty, sarcastic & amazing fashion blogger out there... and she's a mom. 

I read her blog every.single.day.  And you should to.
Not to sound bossy, but you should... you'll love her, I promise!

She's back today to talk a little about how ModaMama came about... 

Hey Guys,

It's Joanna here from over at ModaMama, where I share daily outfits and quirky, often sarcastic, thoughts on living with a Husband, a toddler, a dog and trying to eke out a living in this big, bad world.  I was honored that Lena allowed me to pop in here to talk a bit about how I fell into being a mama fashion blogger.

As an actor, and photographer I'm in front of the camera and in front of clients on a daily basis.  So even throughout my pregnancy looking good and dressing well *and feeling confident as a result* were almost daily requirements for me.  Once I had my baby, and started living the daily life that is having a newborn, my attire quickly devolved into sweats and a perpetual hair bun.  I was dealing with a spitter upper, constantly in a sleep deprived haze, and nursing, and just trying to keep going.  Four months into being a mom, I had lost myself. 

It was at that point that I decided that I couldn't let that happen.  I couldn't let my personality and that which defined me to be lost, what kind of role model would I be?  So I chopped off my waist length hair *it was up all the time anyway because of the spitter my baby was* and decided to get dressed every morning.


I wanted to get dressed every day even if it was only me and baby,  and get back to my fashion sense in order to start feeling better about myself, to start feeling confident.  So in order to be accountable, I started ModaMama.  I thought, "Even if no one reads this, it's there.  It's a record and I have to do it."

As the blog progressed, it grew.  As all things that you love, it continued to evolve. Now it's not only daily fashion inspiration *hopefully, but maybe I'm getting ahead of myself* , but it's also vlogs on all sorts of things.  I've met lovely people through the journey and now I continue to share what humble knowledge, creativity, or perspective I have. 

That's my story.  It's not everyone's story.  That would be boring.  But that's mine. Becoming a mom was hard for me.  Some are brilliantly prepared for it and fall gracefully into Mommyhood.  I did not, but that's not where my story ends.  Thanks for listening. 

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  1. She is a daily read for me as well, just as you are! That is when I don't have to play catch up! Thanks for featuring her =)

    Sending you sunshine,

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