Thursday, March 21, 2013


My underwear drawer is pathetic, ladies.
It's a very sad, sad drawer if I'm being truly honest.
Granny panties are in abundance... and there's not a thong in sight.
(not that I actually miss thongs... but you know what I mean!)

I remember the days when my bra actually MATCHED my panties.
Even if I wasn't trying to impress anyone, it felt good to know your unmentionables were... pretty.

Thing is... I don't want a ugly undies anymore.
I'm putting my foot down & I'm on a mission.

I like my under things to have just as much sass as the rest of my outfit... 

I have my eye on a quite a few spicy Etsy shops and I'm really loving what's out there!
Next step is to be professionally "sized"... can you believe I'm 33 years old and I have no idea if I'm wearing the right bra size?
Also, I'm totally loving the high waisted panties... they're like sexy versions of my granny panties... 
it's win-win!

Is your underwear drawer as lackluster as mine?  Have you been able to keep that drawer sassy since becoming a mom?  Who's with me!?

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  1. I have a pathetic undie drawer also. I need to spend the money & get all new, comfy under garments!

  2. I was curious as to why you were favoriting all of this - now I know! It's all adorable, especially the cute "grannies." :)

  3. My secrets to keeping things spicy & sexy (even as a mama!)-

    Don't buy the boring stuff EVER. There's no reason. Even if you want simple cotton panties you can pick the cute ones over the plain.

    For every bra I own I have 4-5 pairs of panties that "match" it. It's a little thing, but matching underwear just makes me feel good.

    Instead of a plain nude bra (which every woman needs!) buy a lace nude one. It makes you feel a lot more sexy!

    And remember that you're a hot mama!

  4. Those are gorgeous, I would buy them all!! I love lingerie!! I buy more of that than clothes sometimes. It does make you feel good to get something pretty. Your clothes fit better and it's just nice!! Hope you get yourself something wonderful doll xx

  5. Mine is sad especially since I am still wearing a nursing bra. SOO SEXY huh?

  6. My underwear is sad sad sad....I think I have one 'pretty' pair, which hasn't been worn for about a year...time to go shopping!! :)

  7. I actually have two piles on panties in my drawer. One pile that are all granny panty, Aunt Flow kind underwear and the other is fancier stuff. I actually try to match everyday! And for no other reason then it makes me feel good. So, I made sure that I have a lot of solid color bras and then the panties are easy to watch. Even if there is a white flower pattern (for example) they will go with a white bra! I've never been professionaly measured either! Wonder where you can go?

    1. I love you're Aunt Flo kind of underwear. It's lovely to want to cry, wearing you're Aunt Flo kind of underwear. Which, £I love of you're Aunt Flo kind of underwear, is that I love to see the waistband of you're Aunt Flo kind of underwear, and you see the waistband of my underwear.

  8. After the birth of my second daughter my under wear draw certainly lacked some wow factor but not any more... I have a very fine selection of all sorts. I particularly love the lacy boy shorts and the funky designs... the Angry Bird panties are currently my favourites


  9. Yep - mine is pathetic too...I have a whole storage bin almost filled with thongs and sexier panties from my "younger days" - i rarely wear them, so why do I keep them?? Hmm...but my every day underwear collection SUCKS...but its just not something I think of going out to buy myself!

  10. I worked in a lingerie store for a few months with a 40% discount! No way do I have boring undies from that! ;) I only have really pretty ones from. ;)

  11. Um getting officially sized changed my life, and I'm not exaggerating! I highly recommend Intimacy, not sure if they have any in Canada. Definitely throw out ANY underthings (such a polite way to say it haha) that you don't like and start over!


  12. My underwear drawer is dismal. DISMAL, I tell you!

    I've often found that buying something nice to wear "underneath" makes you feel so much better... I totally need to revamp. Especially since I've lost some weight and feeling so good about myself. Now's the time!! haha!!

    And I also have NO idea if I'm wearing the right bra size, I'm sure if I had one of those fittings done they would tell me I'm not! lol!!

  13. Being sized is awesome! Wearing the right size bra is so much more comfortable, it's not even funny. You won't regret it!

  14. I was literally JUST complaining about this to my husband last night while doing laundry. I told him that as soon as I'm not preggo anymore, and I'm feeling a little better from going through labor and what not, I am buying some sexy and pretty under things. I'm going to get my boobies sized, and I'm gonna feel HOT again.

  15. I'm a lingerie blogger for the sheer fact that i have a ridiculous love of all things underwear and needed a bit of rhyme behind my reason!
    I'd definitely suggest getting fitted and asap! It'll not only do wonderful things to your chest but also to your confidence!

    If you're interested i have quite a few lingerie/store reviews on my blog and also run a weekly feature called "save up sunday" where i highlight some amazing lingerie finds from all over (including etsy which is a goldmine!). I'd love if you'd check it out!

  16. My underwear draw is really bad. Also, I'm nearly 36 and have never been fitted for a bra either. I KNOW I'm wearing the wrong size/type for my body shape, but it also only cost me $9.99 at Wal-Mart.

    Being single all my life, I've never really invested in pretty underwear for myself. Maybe I should do that...

    Thanks Lena!

  17. I've always hated thongs... Always!!! But it's nice to know there are some other SUPER cute styles out there that won't ride up you know where.... ;)

  18. Oooh I've never tried the high waisted panties! I like, I like. I'm usually a Victoria's Secret kind of girl - they always have good deals on cute and comfy thongs.

  19. Love that third set!

    I personally can't stand thongs, but I keep it interesting with lots of lace and silky things. My go-to undies cut is hiphuggers.

  20. I don't match, but I have to be in the same color family hahaha I wear thongs very rarely because I think boy shorts/ bikini briefs (think PINK from Victoria Secret) are sooo much more comfortable!!

  21. Love all of these! My things rarely match anymore and thongs are history as far as I'm concerned. This butt needs much more support ha ha.

  22. oh i'm so with you sister. i need to update mine badly. i think you have inspired me with those finds :)

  23. Lackluster? For sure!

    Yes, I need to rebuild my supply of underthings. It's a terribly drain on the bank account though. That's the part I hate.

    I found a really wonderful website for proper bra fitting. It's a video tutorial and it's out of London....quite wonderful really. Helped me bunches. I will try to find it and come back and leave a link.

    Thanks for linking to Saturday Night Stars. Hope you find some good reads.

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