Wednesday, March 20, 2013

The Way To Your Heart...

One of the sexiest things about my husband is the fact that he is a great... cook.
It's one of his passions, and lucky for me, he tries out new recipes all the time.
He knows what I like, and well... like the saying says, the way to your heart is through your stomach, right? 

I especially love when he puts something simple together... that's when I get to help out in the kitchen.  Simple means I won't get in the way & mess anything up... yeah, I'm a klutz in the kitchen... anyway...

Something the whole family enjoys is eggs... especially a good omelette!

This time, using what we had handy, he put his own spin on the southwestern styled dish:

Chorizo sausage, green onions, red & yellow peppers, fajita powder
(oh, and eggs, obviously! Ha!)

Who does the cooking at your place?  Do you cook together?

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  1. Mmm...looks gorgeous. My husband is a marvellous cook's great as it gives me a break when I don't feel like cooking! x

  2. My husband loves to cook too. He is always thinking of some new recipe to make.
    Unfortunately for me he doesn't get a ton of time to do that.

    (¸¤ Lanaya | xoxo

  3. I'm the cook! And since we have such a tiny kitchen in our apartment, when the man tries to help it can go one of two ways.

    I'm in a great mood and we're laughing while we comically bump into each other every second and end up making out like a couple of teenagers while my two year tells us we're gross.

    I'm in a bad mood and every time he's in my space, which is always since the kitchen is tiny, I snap and then he gets grumpy and it ends with me just saying, "Look. If you want to eat dinner at some point then I suggest getting out of my kitchen!"

  4. Yummmo, that looks delicious!

    I do most of the cooking, but Ryan is a great cook too...I'm just pickier than he is. :)

  5. That looks amazing!! What's that? Yes I would love to come over for dinner! ;)
    I will bring dessert!

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