Monday, February 4, 2013

You Know You're a Blogger When...

We all know that being a blogger is more than just logging on to your computer everyday and writing a post.  I thought it would be fun to list a few other things that make us bloggers a little special...

You take Instagram pics of.... everything
You buy something because you KNOW it will look great in a WIWW post
You take those outfit posts, outside, in the snow.... without a jacket
Your kids ask you how many followers you have

This is what other bloggers have to say:

Rachel, Polka Dots and Lemonade:  You can't wait to upload your pics to your computer

Leanne, Top This By Leanne:  You catalog the little unique things that happen during your day and piece them together into a creative post in your head

Mary, Trusty Chucks:  Your husband reads your blog to know how you're feeling // When someone you don't know tells you you've worn that outfit before // When your mom emails you ideas... and they're always bad

 Autumn, The Busy Bee:  You're in the park, awkwardly posing for pictures while people walk by and stare

Julie, From Awkward to Art:   Your husband always asks you if you want to "link up" when he wants sex... He is such a dweeb and makes me laugh every time

Melissa, The Life of a Not So Ordinary Wife:  You're constantly taking pictures telling them ''Oh, this is going to make a great blog post!''

Ashley, Flats to Flip Flops:  You dream in HTML!

Ricki, The Rogue Baby:  When you use words like amazeballs and nobody in your real life has heard that phrase before // When you've made an amazing meal and get angry with yourself for not taking pictures of the step by step process while cooking it // When you have lots of friends you talk to every day but have never met them face to face //  You link up and hop on a regular basis.

Grace, Little Miss Whisk:  You take 5-6 pics of your meal before you eat it!

Megan, AbsoluteMommy: Your weekly schedule is dependent on linkups and not the actual days of the week // Your family photo album is on Instagram // Your daily fashions depend on how many WIW posts you need for that month // You refer to your bloggy friends as if you know them in real life. "My friend Lena's daughter is so cute"

 Beth, Through The Eyes of the Mrs.:  You get mad for forgetting to photograph your food before taking a bite // Your four year old knows exactly what a tutorial is // You decorate for holidays weeks in advance

Jan, Jan Loves:  When you take pictures everywhere so you can share it on your blog // When you take pictures of your outfit... especially when your outfit is so cute! // When you know so much about all these boutiques and beauty products from reading about them from other bloggers //  When you know what being a brand "affiliate" is

Lish, Imprintalish:  When you realize you haven't showered for four days, dishes are piled in the sink and you have no idea where your husband and children are!! LOL!

Just after I started putting together the list, I found out that the lovely Bre of Peacoats & Plaid had just posted a hilarious VLOG about this last week!!

 See her VLOG... How To Be A Blogger  here

linking up with Brooke here

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  1. Yay! Thank you so much for using my comment! This was a fun read and I laughed out loud many times!

  2. My husband is always asking me for updates on the blog follower situation, and he also knows that I probably need a hug if one of my posts only got a few comments. :P

  3. These are so great!! I am absolutely on board with the photo taking if my food too,hehe! Thanks for using my comment :D

  4. That was a funny post! I could see myself in every comment! LOL!!!

  5. LOL Awesome post! Everything everyone listed is SO true. When im having a bad day, or a good day, or i look really hot someone will say well at least you have something to blog about!

  6. Hilarious and SO true. LOVED Bre's vlog too.

  7. Hahahaha!! I love these so much! I laughed so hard reading this only because I know it's all so true!!! ;)

  8. Bre's Vlog cracked me up and I am actually posting my own Vlog tomorrow.
    God help us!
    It's not anything special but it was absolutely fun!
    Great post Lena!

    (¸¤ Lanaya | xoxo

  9. Haha, this totally cracked me up! So true about taking a million photos of your food before eating it :)

    The Tiny Heart
    Necklace Giveaway!

  10. These are SO true haha! I would add taking pictures off any or all of your crafts/DIY projects just in case it turns out awesome enough for a post ;)

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