Friday, February 22, 2013

What to do in Chicago! A guest post by Betsy!

Happy Friday, friends!
I am so excited to introduce a new bloggy buddy of mine.

Betsy is talking all about Chicago in the Spring!
*Ah, Spring, where are you & why are you taking so long to get here!?*

I've always wanted to visit the windy city, have you ever been!?

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Hello! I'm Betsy from over at Musings of a Museum Fanatic.  First I want to say thanks to Lena for letting me hang out on her sidebar this month and for letting me guest post today!

I'm from the Chicago area and supposedly we're getting a bunch of snow tonight that's coming from the west.  All I can think of is that I'm soooo incredibly ready for spring it's ridiculous.  Especially since the weather keeps getting up into the 50's ... I mean come on weather pick a season already!  So since I was ready for spring in January here are some of the things I'm looking forward to doing/seeing in Chicago this spring. 

1.  Taking in a baseball game.
I haven't been to a game in a number of years and it would be so much fun.  I'll admit baseball isn't my favorite sport (I find it kinda slow at times) but any game that you can be outside enjoying a cold one with friends on a beautiful day is ok in my book.  Maybe I'll even get some friends together and we'll go to one of the many (and very controversial!) rooftop places overlooking the field.

2.  Walking by the lake
When I'm able to I love walking down the Chicago Lakefront Trail.  You get awesome views all along it of both the city and the lake.  It is most definitely a spring thing to do since in the winter waves can be crazy and not at safe.  

3.  Beer Gardens
So I was taking a poll with my friends while writing this for some of our favorite things and realized that we are all lushes!  This was definitely one of our favorites.  Beer gardens in the summer are great, you can just chill, no dress code and if you head to ones like the Landshark Beer Garden at Navy Pier there are bands!  While I do love going out to bars and dancing during bands sometimes it's just oh so nice to sit and enjoy it.  No need for sky high heels here!

4.  Outdoor seating
When visiting Chicago there are so many great places you can find with outdoor seating.  It's so much fun to people watch!  There is also no shortage of fun exciting places to try with fabulous seating.  For something where you can't get any closer to the lake without being on top of the water try Friendship on the Lake, this place looks awesome and I plan on trying it this summer.  Looking for fabulous seafood & steak with a great view check out Fultons on the River.  Heading up to the Lincoln Park area check out Galway Arms they have awesome fish & chips!

5. Lincoln Park Zoo
Now what kind of museum gal would I be if I didn't include at least one : )  I'm super excited for spring to come so I can visit the zoo!  It's actually been a while since I've visited so I'm definitely due for one.  Best thing about the Lincoln Park Zoo ... it's free!  It's right in the middle of the park and you can walk in and out as you please, so when you go visit the zoo be sure to pop out for lunch at the Galway Arms which is just a few blocks away!

For now I'll just have to tide myself over for spring by imaging and planning some of my favorite Chicago things!  Hope you stop by and say hi, I love meeting new people!

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  1. I am going back in a few weeks and I am going to have to check these out - thanks for the tips!

    Sparkles and Shoes

  2. I am going back in a few weeks and I am going to have to check these out - thanks for the tips!

    Sparkles and Shoes

  3. Thanks for sharing. I'm from Chicago and definitely one of my favorite city. I'll be back in July to visit with family. I haven't been to Lincoln park in a while so maybe I'll check it out.

  4. Yay Chicagoland LOVE <3
    I live in Chicagoland {da' burbs}
    I Love walking around the city in the spring! And Lincoln Park Zoo is the best free fun especially for the kiddos! Thanks for sharing.

  5. What great tips!! I can't wait to visit...most likely for a football game :)

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